Wii Wrestles with PS2 for Top Spot down under

Industry analysts GfK denote that the Nintendo Wii has managed to coup sales of 68,000 units. While the PS2 is still doing incredibly well, the Wii is certainly preparing to deliver a knockout blow in due course.

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Robotz Rule4245d ago

The PS2 has been out for how long?

oh now I remember around 6-7 years
And it's last-gen

Why would the wii ever try to deliver a knockout,oh yeah maybe because it has graphics worser than all of last-gens consoles which is the gamecube,don't try to say ps2 because GOW,Shadow of the colossus etc,or xbox because half life 2 halo etc...

MikeGdaGod4245d ago

man thats a really gay image