GameDaily: X-Blades Review

X-Blades had great game potential . A gladiator babe in skimpy clothing battling supernatural forces with a combination of sword strikes, guns and a slew of powerful magic attacks usually gains much interest from the male-dominated gaming realm. Although the stages look decent, hideous camera angles make viewing the action a chore and with short levels taking a few minutes to get through, it's only made worse by repetitious hack n' slash gameplay. The unappealing story further hurts the game, and GameDaily had trouble liking the main character's annoying Paris Hilton-style. Because of these issues, not even the promise of skimpy outfits sharpens our interest in X-Blades.

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DarkBlade993531d ago

If I had to rate it, id give it between a 6-7.5 score. It' fun as hell and surprisingly addictive, but the drawn out boss fights, crap dodging,and occasional framerate issues are my only complaints. Great time waster, but not somthing you might want to just run to the store and purchae head first.