IGN Impressed by Tekken 5:DR

IGN has recently review Tekken 5:DR for the Playstation 3 avaiable via download on the Playstation Network. The Following statement was made upon the review wich also landed it a good rating.

"Though Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection has already seen release on PSP, its arrival on the PlayStation Store is still great news for fighting fans. It's easily the best overall value for the PS3 thus far and (more importantly) one of the most impressive downloadable console games for any system."

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D R Fz4271d ago

This game could have actually been released as a complete game and sold in stores but as digital distribution becomes more popular, in cannot but speculate that even more great games will be delivered via downloads Whether its the Sony network or Live, digital distribution is definitely picking up stride.

Shadow Flare4271d ago

sony could smack a whole load of psp titles on the Store. Im thinking Loco Roco would be great with the sixaxis

marshman4271d ago

been playin it and it is a blast and very good looking

frosty4271d ago

VF5 used analog controls cant stand that is this game use the the 360 rollers or analog?

Siesser4271d ago

If I'm not mistaken, Virtua Fighter 5 has you move via the directional pad, which is digital, not analog.

Apocalypse Shadow4271d ago

what are you smoking?you can,but i use the d-pad.

as for tekken5,it plays great,and looks great.

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