Leave Them Laughing

"Videogames are a serious business. Well, you'd think that judging by the current lack of humor in their dialogue, and the absence of any characters that fit the generic "funny" archetypes we experience through television shows, books, and radio."

GamerNode's Christos Reid explores the balancing act of humor in games in this week's Plot Wholes.

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italianbreadman3560d ago

The world apparently needs more Tim Schafer.

I knew it all along.

PixlSheX3560d ago

Gabe Newell makes a lot of funny statements.

ahnonamis3560d ago

I shudder at the thought of more than one Tim running amok in our world.

FreestyleBarnacle3556d ago

How did we manage before Tim? Matthew Smith was just mad enough to make some amusing stuff in the early eighties but I'm unable to remember what else there was.
Anyone? Anyone? Beuler?

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forthegamergood3560d ago

Gabe Newell is an odd fellow. I look forward to seeing his DICE presentation, though.