Do we hate Halo Wars and Killzone 2 before they are even released?

Halo Wars for the Xbox 360 and Killzone 2 for the PS3 are set to be released in the next few weeks. Halo Wars has mixed reviews thus far, but gamers at metacritic have taken a special dislike to it, and while Killzone 2 has racked up great reviews, gamers might be a bit hesitant about it.

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SeanScythe3526d ago

nope just you and haters of the other consoles.

Monchichi0253526d ago either stupid or INCREDIBLY uninformed. Doesn't every gamer know that these low scores are just because of fanboy war?? I mean it is Obvious!!

Both games look great and fanboys from the opposite site are just afraid of the other sucseeding!

SWORDF1SH3526d ago

Enough of the fanboy news and fanboys on N4G.
Gaming journalist have got out of hand and its spreading to the gamers.
Be a real gamer and stop with the hate for rival console.
Both consoles are here to stay so get over it.
Make N4G a gaming site once again and MESSAGE ME to add you to the list to show that you support this message and spread this message.
Go on. Say something nice about your rival console.
People that support it:

redsquad3526d ago

I only have a PS3 but am considering getting a 360 in the near future, so you'll hear no badmouthing from me. While I shall always favour the Sony system (I played my sister's Xbox for a few weeks prior to purchasing my own console), I certainly see the advantage of having access to all systems and all exclusives.

I WILL defend a console and it's games that I consider good (KILLZONE 2 for example) against the buffoons eager to score cheap points, but never at the expense of a 'rival' system.

chaosatom3526d ago

Which one will sell more? or

Which one will get better reviews? or

Which one is a better Exclusive?

edgeofblade3526d ago

Actually, I expected more of Killzone 2 and less of Halo Wars. After the demos, those expecations flipped completely. HW is the day one buy now. KZ2 is the rent.

I predict 24 disagrees or more in an hour.

GWAVE3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

It's groupthink. It's a "my console versus your console" mentality. It's what some insecure gamers succumb to when their Gamerscore (or Trophy score, or...Friend Code) isn't big enough.

It doesn't help when journalists join in on the party. It helps even less when executives of the companies in question join in, too.

That's one thing I respect about Sony and Nintendo. They don't sling mud. They just pump out games. Some users here might hate me for saying this, but Microsoft executives are just as bad as their fanboys. They have no respect for the competition and jump at any chance to spew garbage about the "other" console.

Stubacca3526d ago

"The Fanboy War"

-Like the Iraq War, only with geeks, spin and pixelated weaponry.

I hated Halo. It was the most overhyped game I ever played. But Halo Wars looks like a very decent RTS game for a console. I love RTS games and hate the iffy selection us console-owners are usually lumped with.

Killzone 2 looks immense. I loved the demo (bit short though) and think I'll be playing it regularly as of next week!

edgeofblade3526d ago

I think GWAVE hears only what he wants to hear. Sony hands are just as dirty as Microsoft's. In fact, I usually see Sony casting the first clod.

And yes, Nintendo seems to be above reproach, but you are naive if you think Microsoft is the only guilty party here.

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La Chance3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Those who started the whole metacritic "war" are idiots and those who think it was a good idea to "strike back" are even bigger idiots.

Im 100% sure a lot of people on N4G participated in this guys know who you are but will never have the guts to admit it.Those idiotic fanboys arent only out there but on our dear N4G too.

Anyway who cares , I dont think anyone checks the metacritic score before buying a game...I hope

jcgamer3526d ago

bubbles on the house for this momentous occasion!

lol :)

Surfman3526d ago

youre right, before buying a game, people should just check the trailers to get their own first impression, and if they need a better idea, well there's 3 or 4 good reviewers on the net, like IGN. For the rest, its personnal.

Stubacca3526d ago

But Metacritic is still a great service. I ignore the User Score but love getting a breakdown of the reviews. I'd love to judge games by trailers but I'm always let down (cough LOTR: Conquest cough)

Hallucinate3526d ago

k dont know what thid articles saying but i think i agree with it

Johnny Rotten3526d ago

To hate a game just because of what system it's on isn't really fair to the devs. There's nothing wrong with being a fan of a certain system but when it comes to the games themselves you need to give credit where it's due.

Kleptic3526d ago

just an oversight on metactritic's part...they now don't allow user reviews until a game releases, which before they did...which was completely retarded, as it confirmed that EVERY user review was submitted by someone that had not played the game...

even then its still should have some form of proof that you have played the entire game...which is impossible right whatever...

MrJack3526d ago

Everyone knows about this 'Metacritic war'

The Xbox fanboys knocked down Killzone 2's score, whilst the PS3 fanboys absolutely owned the Halo Wars score.

edgeofblade3526d ago

Get it right. It started further back than that. Halo 3, Resistance 2, Haze, Gears 2... the stupidity never ends.

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