Sega's Racing Studio set to double in size

A year after its founding, the team at Sega's Solihull-based Racing Studio has moved into new offices for a fast-tracked growth spurt - with plans to more than double its 30-strong team.

mikeeno76309d ago

Shut up fool. Sega Dreamcast was better than Playstation and still is better...


BioShock Meets Willy Wonka in "Twisted Tower," Check Out the Debut Trailer

From the mind of Thomas Brush, here's a fresh new look at Twisted Tower, a game described to be a cross between BioShock and Willy Wonka.

DefenderOfDoom249m ago

Yes , I want to play this and again please please port this game to consoles.

DefenderOfDoom237m ago

"Daddy I want to play this game now !"


Spider-Man 2, Super Mario Bros. Wonder and More Exciting Games Coming Out in October

October is almost upon us and your wallets are in danger! Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, Super Mario Wonder, and more on the way! We pick the most interesting October games, from AAA to indie, so you can make sense of everything coming out.

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Jin_Sakai18h ago

I’ll be picking up Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros Wonder.

_SilverHawk_18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

I'll be getting foam stars because it's freSh and original which is needed now because of all the remakes and copycat games. I've never Seen anything like it and it's lookS like a lot of fun

darthv7216h ago

Already have SM2 ordered and FM installed. Gonna be a good birthday month for me.

Jin_Sakai4h ago

Mine is right around the corner in November. Hope you have a good one.

ZeekQuattro11h ago

Mirage, Wonder & Front Mission 2 for me. I'm waiting on to see how that PS5 refresh turns out before buying a PS5 so no sense in getting Spider-Man 2 for me right now.

senorfartcushion2h ago

Detective Pikachu Returns, Spider-Man and Alan Wake 2 for me

Profchaos2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

For me I've already got my pre order in for Spiderman and Mario but I'll also be grabbing pixel ripped 95 for psVR2 and trying to finish Cyber punk phantom liberty before the 20th

I really want sonic also but I just won't have the time maybe in December

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Starfield Originally Had More "Complex" And "Punitive" Punishing System In Place

But instead they opted to dial it down for the convenience of the players.

shinoff21831d 19h ago

Ala dumbed it down for the masses. Hate when devs do that. You could tell in fallout 4. I got over 1k hours into it and enjoyed it but playing the older ones and comparing it definitely felt dumbed down

DaCajun3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

That's how i feel about all Bethesda games after Morrowind. I enjoyed that game because it was challenging. It was rewarding to level up, find better gear, and then be able to survive in tougher areas.

Oblivion enemies scale with the player and they just seemed dumbed down. After going into one Oblivion portal I never found any armor or weapons that was better than what i found there. I spent 90% of the game using that gear. It got very boring because it wasn't as challenging and the gear was almost all garbage which really didn't matter.

porkChop3h ago

I can understand why they did it. Needing multiple suits for different environments, constantly getting afflictions from those harsh planets, having to keep tons of meds on hand for different afflictions, etc, could get very tedious and annoying over that many hours.

Though I think a compromise would be some sort of hardcore mode that adds some of that, but keep it dialed back enough that it doesn't ruin the experience.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 15h ago

Cmon that's dumb my friend I like my challenge tbh.

gold_drake1d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

but then thought

"meh all this depth to our game is too dumb and too difficult and too deep, lets dumb it down*

northpaws10h ago

Weaker AI, dumbed down system, 30fps, all design choices.

Brazz9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

And that's why Bethesda Will never again make a top tier RPG. Whenever they como UP with some " little more complex" and interesting mechanic, they will think about casuals and do something easy and "with no salt".