MTV: What We're Not Playing (Sorry 'Street Fighter IV')


"Stephen's en route to D.I.C.E., so we're assuming he's not playing anything brand new for the rest of the week. However, Patrick and I are around, and there are plenty of releases to skip out on. But this week, we chose the same title."

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HDgamer3625d ago

At least they were honest enough to say they won't review it if they played it badly. I can't say the same for others who purposely play this game without even enjoying it.

LinuxGuru3625d ago

Gamers: What We're Not Watching (Sorry MTV)

Heldrasil3625d ago

MTV: What I am not watching...

Recumbent Tan3625d ago

MTV can stare at my Tiny Tan Tush for all I care.

Meanwhile I'm gonna drink some TAB and play SFIV until my hands bleed.

GiantEnemyCrab3625d ago

Ugh, MTV go back to ruining music television and leave videogames alone. Stephen and that whole MTV blog are just annoying.

Heldrasil3623d ago

LOL, they have ruined a much larger way than the average person can imagine...they have sucked the creativity out of music and forced it into a commercial haze, it's no longer art.