Top 5 Ways to Keep an Xbox Live Audience

It's inevitable that in 90% of titles you purchase for your 360, whether it be a retail disc or an Xbox Live Arcade game, the online portions will soon be rendered useless.
So, what does it take to target and captivate an Xbox Live audience? What aspects make up a successful multiplayer experience, and what can be done to attract and keep players? Here are five ways that developers can keep an Xbox Live audience.

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italianbreadman3580d ago

Goals, for sure. I have trouble just sitting and fragging all day with nothing to take away from the experience. I want to make progress, achieve something. The CoD4 system is great for that.

Capt CHAOS3580d ago

Bungie have also been doing a great job in supporting their game.

DelbertGrady3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Whoa there, cowboy! You know that mentioning Halo automatically gives you 10 disagrees and removes 2 bubbles, don't you?

cain1413580d ago

Well the simple part is the game has to be good in the first place... If you don't have that none of these even matter...

SlamVanderhuge3580d ago

It really has to offer something different to stay alive these days. Just played FEAR 2 MP quite a bit, and while its very fun, its also very standard and will probably be dead in a few months

italianbreadman3580d ago

Yeah, novelty is definitely a big plus.

predator3580d ago

great stat tracking like Halo 3, varied types of matches and gd after release DLC would keep me playing

ihaten4glol3580d ago

Stat-tracking, definitely! It's always fun to see how good you've done over the course of your MP career.

A HiFi3579d ago

Halo 3 has set definitely set the bar. It's more than just DLC. Much more.