Yakuza 3 - Demo gameplay video

Eurogamer Portugal published a gameplay video from Yakuza 3 demo. Enjoy!

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KingDragunov3529d ago

I downloaded it too. Trust me, it's so much fun!

Blademask3529d ago

So I had to make up my own story for when I saw the people lol. But the yakuza demo was long as hell, I fought a few people. Not sure why...

This game isn't CONFIRMEd for a US release is it?

diefor3529d ago

I agree with you. Very cool.

Supercalifragili3529d ago

Yep, even better then I thought.

jams_shop3529d ago

Sega bring this game to west please

Mandaspt3529d ago

Unfortunately this game ins´t confirmed for released in USA and Europe.