appVersity Review & Giveaway: iDracula

appVersity writes: "In iDracula You play the role of a Vampire hunter who quickly finds himself becoming the one hunted. Can you survive against the hordes of Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and even Dracula himself?

picture-211iDracula reminded me of one of my favorite classic games Smash TV albeit with a hefty does of Left for Dead included. If your not familiar with either of these games let me spell it out for you. The Objective of iDracula is to simply fend off the invading hordes and I do mean hordes of enemies that are hunting you down. As you kill the attackers some will drop upgrades, additional ammo, and health packs which should be used to help extend your longevity! iDracula is best described as an intense survival shooter. In fact it's probably the most intense game on the iDevices hands down."

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