TGR: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Eyes-On Preview "This X-Man Gets His Balls Back"

TGR takes an in depth look at X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It stars Wolverine, it plays like God of War, and it's very M-rated. Find out the gory details inside.

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cain1413532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

I've come to be wary of games based around movies...

It does look amazing though...

VirtualKatz3532d ago

This game looks amazing. Real time damage, and some blood and gore, just like an X-Men game should be. Wolverine is the ultimate X-Man so if this doesn't turn out good, it will be a huge disappointment!

italianbreadman3532d ago

Sounds like there's hope for this, but graphics effects don't make a good game.

Still, I'm optimistic.

Viewtiful3532d ago

Super hero games have been and will continue to be crap for the res of eternity.

thegamereviews3532d ago

I am looking forward to this one, mostly to see how they pull off the layered damage.

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