Virtua Fighter 5 Dev's: 60 Frames Per Second Equals No Online

In a recent interview, AM2 shifted the blame for no online play on VF5 onto the fact it runs at 60fps. Hit the jump to read the full interview.

AM2: "Our stance toward the online gameplay has not been changed from what it was before. VF5 runs at 60fps. It would be nice if there were an environment where we could communicate with no problem at all under this condition, but unfortunately, there are various barriers for the network gaming. We wish we had an Internet environment that would convince the players who develop frame-by-frame offense and defence. The Japanese advanced players play battles that can be determined within one frame! We were interested in dowloadable extra service and PlayStore, but we decided not to adopt them this time. Instead, we decided to include every possible item we can offer since we could secure sufficient space due to the introduction of Blu-ray Disc."

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FordGTGuy4333d ago

has a huge online experience with 8 people at a time on a track. Your telling me that the game somehow is affected by online capabilities to keep it 60 fps?

Arkham4333d ago

Timing is more critical on VF games than in driving games. Makes sense.

big_tim4333d ago

that he made when he referred to Japanese people getting into the game and a single frame can change the match. In racing, it isn't the same. A single frame won't affect the out come of the race.

I don't agree with the reasoning, but it is HIS reason. I think they should have still included it in the game and those who are that dedicated won't play it online.

mellowspaz4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Arkham, Big Tim you're forgetting that DOA 4 on xbox360 is 60 fps and has online capabilities. I think Sega is trying to cop out. They're saying they can't but they probably did not want to spend another 3 months in development.

Arkham4333d ago

AFAIR, DOA isn't nearly as precise as the VF series.

shotty4333d ago

Dead or Alive 4 is 60 FPS and its runs fine on xbox live, I think its just an excuss since they don't want to spend the resources getting the game to run on PSN.

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specialguest4333d ago

I wonder if there is a way for the developers to limit the frames to 30 fps, just for online mode only. I've seen and used emulators that allowed control over the fps before and I don't see why this isn't possible. Then again, I'm not a developer.

InMyOpinion4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Why not make the multiplayer 30 fps then? Bad excuse.

zonetrooper54333d ago

This is a kind of poor excuse, sure there will be lag in all online games. All they need to do is build an awesome netcode which can be affected by lag buts it not as severe.

Arkham4333d ago

Were you taking a break from your job as a wizard programmer to post that, or are you just day-dreaming?

Keyser4333d ago

^^^That was hilarious. Please don't hurt him like that anymore...please. He obviously believes that its simple, because he's dont this his basement...with four friends and LAN cables LOL!!!

Sorry, I'll try to be constructive in the future but that was funny!

GaMr-4333d ago

I think its fair to say. You cant exactly recreate a good fighting game experience via online connections. Atleast till everyone is running a solid Fiber-Optic line.(lol) I mean has anyone ever played any of the Mortal Kombats online... Deception,deadly alliance,Armagedon.... If you have then nuff said. Im real sketchy about giving another online fighter a chance. Especially a game like Tekken im really worried about. My favorite character "KING" has some devasting throws that are linked into combination. You have to time the button presses almost perfectly and I time them off his actions. Like mid way into the arm grabb I start the Reverse arm slam Etc.... Can you Imagine wat Lag would do to that. It would very hard to nail moves like that.

jpod4332d ago

they should make FIOS standard these days. hehe.

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