'Western developers are superior to the Japanese,' says Inaba

Developers in the West are better than those in Japan, according to the man behind upcoming Wii game MadWorld, plus previous Capcom hits Okami and Viewtiful Joe.

Speaking to Develop in today's interview with Platinum Games about Madworld, executive director Atsushi Inaba confessed that he thinks Japanese developers are lagging behind their western rivals.

"To be honest, I think that western developers are superior to those in Japan overall," said Inaba.

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Chris3993526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

- Silent Hill 5
- Blacksite
- Legendary
- Afro Samurai
- The majority of all sports titles (there are exceptions)
- Wii Shovelware
- 90% of the titles from EA, Ubisoft or Activision-Blizzard

Are all turds. I wish that Japanese developers would focus less on innovating after a Western model, and more on the refinement, sense of aesthetic and perfection that many of us grew to love in their games.

@ below. Yes, I have read here and there that they are behind in their technical saavy. What worries me is that they are not simply focused on improving their skills, they are changing the nature and theme of their games to suit "Western" tastes. I've never seen a Final Fantasy with so many guns and machines in all my years. I've said it before, but the trailer reminded me in many ways (Evil Empire, mysterious force, rebels, enemies that looked like Storm Troopers) of Star Wars. I understand the need to cater - financially - to a wider audience, but I feel that this is at the expense of their individuality.

Ghoul3526d ago

well infact hes right, i also heard that quite often lately. (gamesindustry) Theyre behind in tech and gamedevelopment prozesses, a huge problem infact. since te japanese market isnt enough for todays multimillion productions they need to sellw ell in america and europe too. But most japanese games are not on paar wit western games and often dont sell well because of that.

TheTwelve3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Inaba. And this saddens not because I want the West to do poorly (I love my America) but because I also want to see the Japanese step up.

I think a lot has to do with the fact that in the West, innovation is valued.

In Japan, it's considered flattery and a good thing to mimic what someone has done before, which douses innovation.

This is why JRPGs are very sucky these days, and even the ones that are great (like Valkyrie Chronicles) still contain very familiar elements inside of them.

There are exceptions to this but overall, Western developers are shining more than their Japanese counterparts.


Tempist3526d ago

Holy crap chill out. If you actually took the time to read the full interview, you'd know they broke up his response and have altered it to sound like something else entirely.

Overall, addressing his reply, he didn't state how or why (or it's not written) Eastern developers have to catch up. Thinking about it what he said, it's just a broad, vague statement, leaving no insight or even a hint of how to correct the 'problem'.

I honestly see nothing wrong with East/West development and to each their own. Any one know why one is ahead of the other?

GameGambits3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

As far as I know the Japanese are what started videogames for me. From NES up to PS2, the majority of my money has been shelled out to Japanese developed games.

It's only THIS generation that I've felt a huge slack from Japan. The main reason is because the majority of the developers I look forward to seeing games from are either not working on anything that we the consumer know about or they are busy on some other type of IP.

I want:
This generation Suikoden game from Konami. (DS one doesn't count)
New Chrono game
A new Grandia game
Another Lunar game
A new Wild Arms game
A new Breath of Fire game
A new Zelda game (Twilight princess is old now)
FF13...still waiting
A new Kindgom Hearts game on PS3 already please
Legend of Dragoon sequel please(Not sure if this was from JP)
Alundra 3(more like Alundra 1)
Xenosaga series continued somehow, some way
.hack to keep going on
Shin Megami Tensei games for PS3/360(Drop the PS2 already)
Legend of Mana for this gen
Megaman Legends(Loved #1)
Parasite Eve?
Zone of the Enders(Get to it Kojima)

There's plenty more here, but I'm a huge RPG fan. It's only now that I'm all about FPS', action games, and even survival horror. If only Japanese developers would stop trying to westernize their products. Just make it fit like it did before for just Japan, because we bought them like hot cakes here anyway.

wazzim3526d ago

Parisite Eve 3rd birthday is coming to the PSP in 2009.

SaiyanFury3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

@1.0 Chris399

I won't entirely agree with your statement, but I won't completely disagree either. I also saw the PSN trailer for FFXIII and I as well was disillusioned by it. Too many bloody guns and the sterile environment made the game look like a bloody FPS. It's obvious that S-E is after western sales and seeing the gun-favoured aesthetic in the game, it seriously made me rethink buying it. I think Japanese devs should try to follow in western developers' shoes, but not necessarily try to mimic them. Keep the Japanese aesthetic in your games PLEASE! That's what makes them Japanese, and different from everything else. No doubt I'll get disagrees here, but I'm 30. I grew up on Japanese games and I don't want them to lose that Japanese touch. If the Japanese start making western style games, they'll lose that touch that I've come to love in over 20 years of gaming.

SpoonyRedMage3525d ago

I'm hoping that with FFXIII they'll do what they did with FFVII, lots of futuristic sci-fi stuff in the city but once you get outside and explore there's a lot of more classic Japanese flavour. I hope it's that anyway and I hope they have some more characters that don't use guns in it.

I don't think the Japanese are behind at all but they seem to be a lot more humble, the Western developers are always out there hyping their games, getting involved. The Japanese are still very behind the scenes with only the major players really being out there and talking.

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RadientFlux3526d ago

I always found the question of which country developers are superior to the other to be subjective.

Though Atsushi Inaba does bring up a good point that due to globalisation individual developers will matter more then what country they come from. Personally I think we already at that stage.

Sasanova3526d ago

name 1 thing the west made that was innovative

Ghoul3526d ago

not saying that japanese games arent awesome, i LOVE the artistic perfectionism and visionary storylines and gamedesign. but the west has enough to offer. And this article is about tecnical problems in japan, they really lag behind.

sim city / the sims / spore / etc.
half life 1+2 / counter strike / portal
gears of war
need for speed series
doom / quake / wolfenstein
eye of judgment
crysis / farcry 1 + 2
wow / everquest / warhammer
Syndicate / Black and white / Fable 1+2 / Populus / Magic Carpet
tons of online flashbased websites and developers.


and not to forget that most of the nowaday gametech and software is from western devs.

Ghoul3526d ago

oh and lets not forget that the west invented videogames :)

Nolan Bushnell and Al Alcorn made the first ever handmade arcade unit wich is known as pong

Coconutz9193526d ago

Why so critical of the west, Sasanova?

Foxgod3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

The west also invented music, and dancing, and art, and literature, and stand up comedy.
I could go on, on how we invented the phone, television, the microwave, how we where the first to map dna, and to invent a computer, performed the first surgery etch etch.

Oh, the west also invented the sand box genre.

Lich1203526d ago

Im not sure why you're so down on western games, its not exclusive to American games which I could see you throwing objection too. Most of the technically impressive stuff is western oriented. Crysis being a very good example.

JokesOnYou3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Was all it took to show how idiotic your question is. "Pong." lmfao that was damm funny, voice of reason....whats that P word you guys use in this situation?

Fact is both Western and Japanese devs have been known innovators, its just lately Japanese devs haven't shown much advancement in the "gameplay" dept imo, for example RE5 a game which I will buy day one but it is still dissapointing that Capcom wouldn't at least make the option available for you to move'n shoot...basicly very outdated gameplay mechanics, and most jrpg's are still largely the same as ps2 jrpg's with of course better graphics...thats fine because I understand some like the traditional style but I just don't see the new feature sets or varied enough gameplay designed to draw folks in like me who don't care much for traditional jrpg's....seems they play it safe catering mostly to Japan.


Consoldtobots3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

are you kidding me?

First person shooters were invented by western developers

Real time strategy was put on the map by western developers

Online multiplayer was put on the map by western developers

I could go on and on but the point is that to make light of the immense skill creativity and intelligence of western developers just makes you look silly.

oh how silly of me but the ONLY preference I have is western RPG's when it comes to that genre.

Ghoul3526d ago


"The west also invented music, and dancing, and art, and literature, and stand up comedy"

You couldnt be more wrong..... very sadening to read such a incredible wrong statement.

poeo3526d ago

oh my lord... @ ignorance from Foxgod

yeah "the West" invented music and arts... yep, sure... (go read a book or two)

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Fishy Fingers3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

I guess it all depends on your preference.

But from my point of view, Western developers have ruled the roost so far this generation. Tech advancements, gameplay advancements, new features etc etc mainly all deriving from Western studios.

Not to say that there havent been any good Japanese games this gen, there have, but the cream of the crop all seems to be Western made (MGS4 aside). Even the stable JRPG genre seems to struggle to do anything more than mediocre.

Coconutz9193526d ago

I actually agree with him. If this was a decade ago, I would have said otherwise, but now I think the Japanese are lacking a little, at least in comparison to what their developers used to bring out a while back.

Don't get me wrong, though. There are still a lot of great games coming from Japan. I just believe that Western devs have a slightly greater edge these days.

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