GDC: Audience Cheers And Jeers Mobile Innovation Hunt

In January, GDC Mobile organizers and sponsor Nvidia sent out an invitation to mobile developers and publishers, to submit their works to a pending trial by jury and audience opinion. From the entries they would select "twelve to fifteen" finalists, each of which would be granted a mere three minutes to plead its case in public.

On Monday afternoon, that trial played out amidst a blur of booze and noisemakers, with the occasional catcall thrown in for good measure. Co-host Matthew Bellows apologized up-front for only selecting fifteen finalists, citing time concerns. After repeatedly assuring that everyone had enough beer to drink, Bellows explained the setup: in turn, each developer would explain to the audience what made his or her game so innovative; if he or she went on too long, the audience would razz him or her by flapping its noisemakers. The audience showed immediate enthusiasm for this plan.

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