Mad Catz Answers Our Questions About the Arcade FightStick Issues


"Over the past two days or so, word has been circulating that the new Street Fighter 4 Mad Catz Arcade standard edition FightSticks are defective. This originated from a post made on the Shoryuken forums claiming that the standard edition sticks were experiencing some issues with sticking or getting caught in a certain direction, making it difficult to properly play or even navigate menus (see video below). Since then, numerous other posts have been made on a number of forums in addition to Shoryuken -- where the number of views on the original thread is rapidly approaching 40,000 -- including the Capcom Unity forums. The standard edition stick we have in the 1UP offices has encountered some of these very problems, while the tournament edition stick -- reviewed here -- has held up quite nicely. While there have been fixes documented, they require gamers to take the device apart, thereby voiding the warranty."

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Comeplaywithme3526d ago

For others!

I must be lucky because i picked up one of these badboys Tuesday morning along with SFIV for the PS3 and have been playing nonstop with no issues. I have definitely given it a workout(play against Seth and you'll know what I mean)to honestly give it a thumbs up, mine at least.

My stick has not gotten stuck nor has been unresponsive in the least bit. Granted for $70.00 there are better sticks I'm sure, this one is actually pretty good.

I do feel bad for those that got a bum stick because they were taking a chance on a Madcatz product and yet again got burned. I wonder if there was just some bad batches sent out, curious to know.

Oh well, I have to unlock the rest if the characters(UUUGHHH! Seth)

Post here if you got a good one or a lemon. I'm interested to hear the ratio on N4g.

kewlkat0073526d ago

I was thinking of getting the Tourney edition.