Get excited: four new Persona PSP movies for you to nom on

Destructoid: To say I'm excited to see footage coming out of the recently announced Persona remake for the PSP is an understatement -- I expect to enjoy this game just as much, if not more than, the best of what I've played on my PSP. There isn't any voice acting in these videos, but it is possible it could be added before the game's release (although I'd be perfectly happy with it either way, honestly).

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DRUDOG3532d ago

Can't wait to try this out. I never did play it on the PS1. My PSP needs some love. Reminds me of the Suikoden I've been going through for the first time as well. Why won't Sony put more PS1 RPGs on the PSP (and please don't tell me licensing, I mean besides that)?

TheColbertinator3532d ago

Looks real good.Now Persona fans can pick up all the parts of the series.Speaking of which Persona 2 needs to be on PSN ASAP

cliffbo3532d ago

WOW... 2009 = the year of the RPG on PSP

joemayo763532d ago

can't wait, i dont think i can ever get tired of the SMT series :)