GamePire (German): Killzone 2 Review (Singleplayer)

GamePire writes: "This Shooter is to redefine PS3-Games, but can it justify the Hype?"

Note: Score is only for singleplayer-mode. They weren't able to test the multiplayer part as of now.

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DavidMacDougall3620d ago

GG are hiting F5 for numbers!! So where are they?

table3620d ago

do they just review the single player when its only half of the game. if they did the whole game it would be a 178/100.

gamemaster13620d ago

you think they will add two scores for SP and MP to a score final score over 100%. thats ridiclious.

I think they will give it an average-score of singleplayer and multiplayer when they had the chance to play the multiplayer online. when the multiplayer is as good or even better than die singleplayer, than the score will definitely be around the 90%, maybe a bit higher maybe a bit lower...

table3620d ago

i was just being silly for the sake of it.

itchy183620d ago

maybe if they review the multiplayer and give it a 99, they will add the score of the singleplayer review and the multiplayer review then get the average of those 2 scores. example: 99+89=188, 188/2= 94. so the final review score of the game is 94. but i'm not sure how they do it.

Montrealien3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

And sTewgart knows this because clearly he has been playing it for months online. Man, talk about Blind Faith. I got an advance copy and I can`t even take it online yet but I can tell you for sure that the single player is a great experience, but nothing revolutionay, besides the amazing graphics ofcourse.

Really wish I could take it online...stupid 4002 error code.

table3620d ago

you don't need to have played it to know that the score will go up after the multiplayer, its not like they are gonna take points off of it...

callahan093620d ago

I hate when people don't review the full game. When you pay 60 bucks for this game, you're getting a single-player game AND a multi-player game. Most people are going to put the majority of their time with this game into the multi-player. Therefore it's unfair to judge it based solely on the single-player. It's not reflective of the value of the actual product that people will be spending their money on. We need some STANDARDS for the reviewing process for God's sake!

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green-cigarettes 3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

if u can't review the complete game then what's the point of doing it? FPS are not well known for big story-telling. you have to take note that and wait until you get all the features the game comes with and then u can give your opinion.
Well i really don't care about reviews at this point, i know the game is the best freaking first person shooter i will ever play and im glad i just bought a 1080p sony bravia.

PS: does anyone know where i can buy the PSN Cards in Canada?

Elven63620d ago

Well the embargo's were set up in such a way that technically everyone was reviewing half the game because of the multiplayer experience.

daomay3620d ago

I'm already picking this shiiit up at midnight.
I was gonna pick up Street Fighter today then I thought
I am going to spent so much time playing killzone2 online with friends
I wont have time for any other game hehe

actas1233620d ago

I am sick of reviewers giving this masterpiece below 9

Random_Gumby3620d ago

YES, and masterpiece is a MASSIVE understatement!

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