Waiting for WiiWare

Brian Langlois from Kombo writes:

"WiiWare frustrates me. There have been a lot of good games for the service, but also a lot of junk. Par for the course on Wii I guess, but still. Every Monday I wait with baited breath, and more often than not I am disappointed. It's not that I want or expect there to be several great games every single week. I don't even get mad at the one-game Mondays we get occasionally. What I want is for the games that have been announced or that are even out in other regions to make it to the service. I'm saving points for certain releases and I will almost never spend them on something different once they've been earmarked for a specific title. Gradius: Rebirth has been teasing me for months now! It's disheartening when I want to be on the Wii Shop Channel downloading games, but can't because I think a better one will be out just next week. I think it prevents me from enjoying some of the good stuff that comes out in the meantime."

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