LIVE 38.5 - Teenage Mutant Dance Hero Chief

On the roundtable, JAGGEDSMOKE, CrY 4 WaR, LVL5 JUGGERNAUT, Weasel699 and Silent Cypher join Rusty Ranchero and GUI J (filling in for Steve) on LIVE on LIVE!

Topics include…
Stuntman too difficult? Whats the hardest game you ever played?
Will Microsoft finally clean up the stink in the sewer they call XBLA or do they not want to make any green?
Guitar Hero 2 with Halo Themed Songs?
How about a Halo Comic Instead?
YAY or NAY® with Def Jam Icon, GRAW 2 and Tetris!
Final Thoughts and off topic conversation.

Show Wrap-Up Discussion w/Special Guest…
Steve's roundtable absense, what's going on?
Silent Cypher to join the XBLR Staff?
Crackdown Trivia Contest Winner Announced, Fusion Frenzy 2!
Steve says "Rusty, what's buggin you and Carpal?"
Gaming Night "drama" addressed by the almighty Steve.
Short Roundtable this version, catch Extended Outtakes!

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