Does the PS3 really need a price cut? Part one

There are many people that talk about PS3 being the most expensive console on the market, and are waiting for the price drop. While that is true, the PS3 should always remain the most expensive, for a few reasons.

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GWAVE3620d ago

I think the PS3 needs a price cut to stay competitive. However, consider this:

- in 2007, the PS3 was nearly double the price of the cheapest 360 SKU. It also had "no good gamez!" as everyone knows, yet it outsold the 360 worldwide. No, I'm not comparing the first year of PS3 sales to the first year of 360 sales. Go check the numbers. The PS3's FIRST year outsold the 360's SECOND year.

- in 2008, the PS3 outsold the 360 for 3/4th of the year. The 360 took a price cut, making it half the price of the PS3 (which was a smart business move). So, it started outselling the PS3 like crazy. When the year was over, though, the PS3 still had sold more/roughly the same/slightly less (depending on what you consider "sales" to be) than the 360, even at double the price.

Before you slam disagree, consider those two points and ask yourself this question:

"If the PS3 can do that well at its CURRENT price, what will happen when it DROPS in price?"

The gaming GOD3620d ago

When I try to tell people those same things I get the name calling treatment

hitthegspot3620d ago

Those were different times. You are going to see people start to hold on to their money tighter. I have the cash in hand to purchase a PS3, but why buy one now when the possibility looms that a price cut could get me a PS3 and a PSP at a discount. Smart shoppers will wait. Sony needs to cut it's price.

Lifendz3620d ago

You listen to podcasts like Listenup and they make it seem as if the sky is falling for PS3. This is because they are only looking at NPDs and not worldwide numbers. So yeah, the PS3 is doing well at its price but I think it should drop to 299.99 in order to grab a larger portion of the market share.

UltimateIdiot9113620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Smart shoppers would have bought the PS3 already. If you look at Dell, they have discounts on PS3 often. Smart shopper would also know how to manage Credit Card properly and signed up for a Sony card for additional discount.

Regular shoppers wouldn't do all this. I got my PS3 for $250 on sale at Best Buy. This deal was only in Orlando (I'm in Buffalo) and had a friend help me. So smart shoppers, will find the PS3 cheap.

I used on games. I got DMC4 and CoD4 with that. DMC4 turned out to be a bad purchase. First half was great, second half was terrible. CoD4 was really good. I spent hours each day on that game.
I use sites like and to help me find good deals.

hitthegspot3620d ago

Kudos to you. And please share, what did you do with the money you saved? I wish I could find that deal.

acedoh3620d ago

knows what it is doing. People want to give doom and gloom all the time but SONY has the ultimate weapon. The price drop. Obviously they have been competing in consumer electronics for quite some time so they know how operate. If SONY was really in a desperate position they would have dropped price. The PS3 is still selling well despite being the most expensive. Word of mouth is really what sells it...

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UltimateIdiot9113620d ago

No, the PS3 does not need a price cut. When the game drought hits, then yes. But as of now, I don't think there is a need. It will help but not as much as if there was a game drought.

I know friends who bought a PS3 for SF4 and KZ2. And we are all college student, where money is the tightest.

SWORDF1SH3620d ago

Enough of the fanboy news and fanboys on N4G.
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Droid Control3620d ago

Blu-Ray players have fallen in price, its time the ps3 also follows...
if sony want blu-ray in every home, the best way is through a playstation console...

dj555555553620d ago

"You get what you pay for", never has a truer word been spoke.

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