Awesome Fun In Killzone 2

How to make some awesome fun in Killzone 2? Ten members from had the chance to play the betá and discover what real love and friendship is. Check out the video after the click.

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Hallucinate3527d ago

in b4 the xbots inevitably come in here and start bashing the game

I love video games3527d ago

i have to be honest......... i got a little bit of a boner

madestar3527d ago

lol that looks fun...i needs bubbles people.. help me out.. i haven't been on this joint for ages...

dukadork33527d ago

too much xb!tch slapping?
i know what it's like...
here's a bubble XD

daomay3527d ago

my wife is gonna hate me cause she is not gonna get much loving from me when killzone 2 cd is in me ps3 on the 26th.

Im jumping straight online for some multi love.

poeo3527d ago

hahah wow, that video actually made me laugh (not an easy feat as im grumpy).

that sort of organized fun wont work with random people though, there would always be some jackass that ruins it :P but yeah i cant wait to play it PROPERLY!

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The story is too old to be commented.