Operation Flashpoint 2 confirmed for 360 and PS3 this summer

Codemasters just confirmed that Operation Flashoint 2 will get 360 and PS3 versions this summer.

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Big Frank3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Damn i thought it was coming out this March! Anyway i cant wait, the original is one of the greatest games ever made and hopefully this follows suit. It has the potential to be the defining FPS this gen. OOOhh im so excited, it's been a long wait.

Pennywise3529d ago

I dont get it. This is still a Codemaster game. I just cant get myself excited over any of their games.

P4KY B3529d ago

You can't say you wouldn't get excited about a new Dizzy game

3529d ago
Coconutz9193529d ago

You always speak so highly of this game, so I think I'll put this on my radar. What separates this from a Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six game? Is it just more realistic?

Chubear3529d ago

To those that don't know this game, dont' think this is some CoD4 or GR type thing.

This is essentially SOCOM or Counter Strike but in FPV as a FPS. If you're not down with the two games mentioned, you may find yourself disappointed.

Blademask3529d ago

its just amazing war games man. Its not a knee jerk shooter at all though. Its a war simulator with vehicles, planes, tons of guns. Its great..

JonahFalcon3529d ago

People who play this like Call of Duty will die. A lot.

This is a hardcore war sim. You get shot twice, you're down for the count, buddy.

3529d ago
ambientFLIER3528d ago

What about hardcore COD4 modes, where one shot from a lot of guns will kill you? It's a lot slower and sneakier than the normal run-and-gun modes.

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M337ING3529d ago

This isn't news...

Every preview of the game I've seen has had the 3 platforms listed.

TheBand1t3529d ago

The original OFP was pretty damn cool.

Panthers3529d ago

Is this a FPS or TPS? I would be interested if it is a TPS.

Vecta3529d ago

Its an Ultra-Realistic FPS.

Fishy Fingers3529d ago

It's always been listed as PC/PS3/360.

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The story is too old to be commented.