New Tekken 6 screenshots

PS3-Sense posted up eight new screenshots of Tekken 6 which have been shown during a press event in Belgium.

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shadowghost7523526d ago

it is looking good, i hope it gets better than this.hopefully the online will be better than soulcalibur 4 though no talking whilst fighting wtf!

in tekken 5 dr off the store you could talk whilst fighting and hopefully the online will not be laggy (dedicated servers) ftw

pwnsause3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

well SFIV has raised the standards. It is the first time that I play a fighting game where its online mode is silky smooth (aside from SFII HD remix), and I love it (PS3 version BTW).

Namco better be on top of these standards when they release Tekken 6. they should look into how SFIV runs runs great online and take notes.

I suggest that they bring an online beta to the PS3 since its lead platform there.

Pennywise3526d ago

I cant wait to try SF4 online. I was playing last night(PS3) and I realized I suck way too bad to challenge anyone online yet. I think I need to pickup one of the fight pads, I wasnt liking the controller.

iHEARTboobs3526d ago

My gf just ordered me the Hori Fighting Stick 3. It's not expensive compared to other sticks but it's still supposed to be pretty good. And I think it's the same stick as the limited edition stick for SCIV, but without all the SCIV stuff on it.

360 man3526d ago

360 version will look the best

i can almost guarantee that

pwnsause3526d ago

the game is PS3 lead stupid.

you better hope it looks good and can manage to pull off a stable frame rate of 60fps. the game has been in the arcade since last year and guess what? it uses the cell processor to power the arcade.

Pennywise3526d ago

Calling him stupid is the understatement of the year.

pwnsause3526d ago

you're right. Hes just a retard.

OmarJA3526d ago

This game could have been looked better if it still a PS3 exclusive...

anyway can't wait, oh and hey 360 man ? RE5 looks better than GeoW 2.

pwnsause3526d ago

it already looks good, go play the arcade, built on PS3 Hardware. they will obviously increase the visuals. but thats already set. what they should be concentrating on is making sure the online mode doesnt suck like SCIV or Tekken 5 online(PSN game).

table3526d ago

never really been a fan of fighting games but ive always liked tekken. Brings back memories seing all the old legends in the screenshots.

Superduper093525d ago

This game is missing character creation mode :(