Killzone 2: Guerrila Admits "Some Areas to Improve"

Spong writes: "Hermen Hulst is the managing director of Guerrilla Games. He appears to be a refreshingly honest and straightforward chap in an industry rapidly disappearing beneath a mountain of jargon, obfuscation and plain BS. He is also responsible for Killzone 2, the game that could either breathe new life into PlayStation 3 or serve as the first verse in its swansong.

While Internet forums have been befouled with rants about how good or bad the game is, Mr Hulst is more up front. He says, "We've delivered in most areas on the vision we set out. We have pushed the machine hard". However, he also states, "If you analyse down to the nitty gritty, there are some areas to improve."

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Hallucinate3580d ago

well of this even considered news? every game has something to improve on..and its usually done in the sequel

Alcon3580d ago

They have allready said that in a (video) interview to a dutch site, saying that as time went by (creating the game), they always found things to add to rectify, to do better (especially when they could handle the technology better), and that they had many more ideas they wanted to implement in the game but said they had to stop somewhere (time, money being some factors)and could, if they wanted, easily bring those new ideas over to a new game from the Killzone univers.

So watch out for Killzone 3 lol

xT-Virusx3580d ago

there is always room to improve a game no matter what. whoever wrote this is captain obvious.

Montrealien3580d ago

I could point out 30 articles right now that should not be here that many N4G console war (enthusiats) would never complain about. So if many of you guys support those other sh*t articles, many more will come, like this one. You get what you ask for if you ask me and right now the flame bait console war crap is ruining this site and these days are numbered so enjoy it while it lasts.

/on topic

Killzone 2 is a great shooter and nothing is ever ever perfect, their is always room to improve, no matter how great the game is. This article fails.

phosphor1123580d ago

they have become the next CliffyB...All he does is gloat...

Montrealien3580d ago

nope phosphor112, that`s called marketing, want me to give you a few quotes from Guerilla in the past? They have said some pretty bold claims in press releases in the past.

You got to show off your sh*t and not talk about the bad stuff, or else it`s just bad business. Just look at Sony, they are kings at that, they almost never admit to faults, they are perfect, and they have all the right to talk like that, as Epic does, and as Guerilla have done.

arika3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

it's the ps3 what do they expect. just like the ps2, programmers will find a way to optimize the machine. the guy is just stating that the ps3 is that powerful. unlike other consoles that is so easy to program for, that 3 years to its lifetime and it has maxed out already.

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dj555555553580d ago

first verse in its swansong? How are people allowed to write this?

TOSgamer3580d ago

Yeah its sort of funny. He says the industry is full of BS then he piles some on himself. No system relies on a single game to determine success or failure.

Montrealien3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

yep, poor article...

Fishy Fingers3580d ago

Few measly quotes ripped from the BBC article on the homepage:

Anyway, theres always room for improvement. After the culmination of 5 years work there is bound to be a few areas you look back on and think, we could of done this or that better or differently etc.

Karum3580d ago

It's nice that he's being honest but tbh this should be common sense.

I've not ever heard of one game developer saying that in hindsight there is nothing they think they good have improved on.

Looking forward to getting this game!

ReTarDedFisHy3580d ago

there's always room to improve. This guy is just being humble, IMO.

xT-Virusx3580d ago

i just left a comment almost identical to yours. not on purpose its in the 1.-- section but i thought it was funny we were sharing the same brain waves.

Karum3580d ago

Yeah he is being humble but I think all developers are like that, any interview I've ever seen where the question is put to them there's always somethign they've either thought they could have either done better or just done differently.

I'd say most devs are very happy with their product when they ship but then as tiem passes they start to think oh maybe we should have done that differently or oh I'd have liked to do that differently.

I watched a video yesterday with 2 of the devs and they were asked that question and stated there are things they wanted to do but didn't have the time then when they moved onto talking about DLC said that DLC could perhaps introduce some of those things they had to leave out of the shipped product so hopefully we'll get soem cool additions down the line!

zaz123580d ago

"He is also responsible for Killzone 2, the game that could either breathe new life into PlayStation 3 or serve as the first verse in its swansong."

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