Sony hopes Killzone 2 is on target

BBC writes:

"Killzone 2 is arguably the most important release in the short history of the PlayStation 3.

Announced at the unveiling of PlayStation 3 (PS3) in 2005, it was used as a battering ram to convince gamers of the power of the as yet unreleased console.

But the trailer shown at the E3 games conference in 2005 became mired in controversy when it was revealed the footage was a "target trailer" and a render running on unfinished hardware, rather than on a PS3 itself. "

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Hallucinate3580d ago

i hope it sells well to..just to shut the xbox fanboys up :/

AngryHippo3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago ) will sell very well. Judging by the amount of pre orders for the game. I will definitely be one of those sales come launch day. Can't wait.

Edit, 'I hope it sells well just to shut xbox fanboys up', there was really no need. Shouldn't you really be saying you hope it says well because its a fantastic title, and deserves to sell well?! Its a pity people can't seem to enjoy games unless they feel like it has got one over on the competition.

Sez 3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

i hope it doesn't so ps3 fans can shut up. see what i did there.

well i going to retracted my statement. i hope it does sell well. maybe we won't have to hear the ps3 fanboys cry about not getting at least one exclusive on the NPD top ten sold next month or in april.

villevalorox3580d ago

The sad thing is you can never shut them up :( never! They are always right... But this game will eat at them. It already has.

P4KY B3580d ago

LOL, nix

Disagrees will be in single figures for at least a week :-)

thenickel3580d ago

The funny thing is 360 fans are not saying anything but sony fanboys are the ones making a big deal about this game. It's the same thing every year with the same old this game will shut up 360 fan boys lol. I just want to know what the hell is up with you people and your constant need to express you made the right purchase. The only people that talk about better graphics and so on are Sony fanboys like yourself which is freakin hilarious.

peeps3580d ago


not that ps3 fanboys arn't annoying but there are just as many 360 fanboys bashing kz as ps3 fanboys defending it - like the guy relegated to the open zone in this very article

the pattern is simple.

possitive kz thread:
ps3 faboyy rejoyce going yeh take that 360
360 fanboys go kz is such FAIL etc

negative kz thread:
ps3 fanboys say it's biased, not news, better than 360 etc
360 fanboys go - yeh i totally agree kz is poo etc

all as bad as each other

Hallucinate3580d ago

well i said my original comment "i hope it sells well to..just to shut the xbox fanboys up :/ " because xbots always talk about sales not the qaulity of the game just the sales

thats_just_prime3580d ago

Even if the game sell its still just a generic run of the mill FPS

gaffyh3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

@thats_just_prime - Would you say the same thing if it was Halo 4 or if the game was exclusive to 360?

No you wouldn't, f***ing fanboys. The game looks awesome, same way Gears 2 did but better, and it plays very well as well.

Sez 3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

what determines a "quality game" i so sick of sony fanboys talking about quality games. what is your definition of a quality title.
do you all base quality on graphic, sales, or scores. the reason why i ask that is because.

1) if you base quality on graphic. then yeah sony got that one.

2)if you base quality on sales. 360 beats the ps3 hands down.

3) if you base quality on scores. then you can go to metacritic and see that the 360 has way more quality games (more games rated at 80,90 and up) then the ps3.

plz. tell me whats your definition of a quality title. i bet it's the first on.

any game is worth playing. just because you don't like a game. doesn't mean it's not worth playing. and if people are buying more games on the 360 than they are on the ps3. wouldn't that mean that they are quality games. because they are worth playing to the people that brought the game.


i also base a games quality on how it looks, plays, and the replay value. graphics,scores, and sales. are the very last thing i care about. i don't care if a gaming site scores the game low. because if i like the game. i will still buy it. or even if the game scores high. doesn't mean that i share in the reviewer opinion that the game is good. for example MGS4 scored high. but i hated it. same with bioshock.

but as i said. just cause you don't like a game or the system it's on. doesn't mean it doesn't have quality games. that just your opinion. and as they say. opinions are like @[email protected] everyone has one.

Hallucinate3580d ago

qaulity as in something worth playing..not anyone of those thing you listed means qaulity

gaffyh3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

@vega75 - Unlike most of the fanboy retards here, I judge the quality of a game on how good the game looks and plays, and how good the story is (this doesn't always matter though). Most of you wouldn't call Ratchet & Clank a quality game, but that game is fantastic in both of these aspects, as well as humorous for children and adults.

I wouldn't call Halo 3 a quality game (I would say good), the story was very basic, and gameplay was doubled up by making you backtrack almost every level. I would call Gears 1 & 2 quality games, because the gameplay is fantastic, story is not so good though. Banjo 3 sucked, I played it for literally 15 mins and that's it, I can't believe Rare ruined such a great franchise.

Scores and Sales DO NOT matter to me when I buy a game.

Killzone 2 looks fantastic, better than the E3 2005 trailer, where everyone called bullshit, even me. The game plays very very well from what I played in the demo, and I've heard from several websites that the full game is even better. The story of the first game was surprisingly good, so I expect the second game to have atleast a decent plot. And the multiplayer has taken ideas from Team Fortress, which is one of my favourite multiplayer games.

edgeofblade3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

From what I see, most 360 fanboys are willing to wait on the sidelines and see how good KZ2 really is before passing judgment. It's the PS3 fanboys who build the game up to be huge, picking fights with Halo and Gears. Who can blame the 360 fanboys for responding to what they perceive is bulls*it, but recognize where the fight started... PS3 fanboys had to go picking fights and couldn't just play their game and be satisfied.

@vega: If you don't like a game, it is NOT worth playing TO YOU. Those are one and the same, as long as you don't generalize them to others. You can still admit it's a good game and say what you think would make it better, but if you don't like a game, then, unless you are do a scholarly study of video games, there is no obligation for you to play it.

I don't like Killzone 2, but for those who can stomach the slow controls, awkward aiming, and like the PS3 controller, it's probably a good game. I'll rent it further down the road and see if my opinion changed. That's a lot more than you can expect from most 360 fans.

thats_just_prime3580d ago

gaffyh Oh please by your own standard KZ2 is a generic FPS. Story in KZ2 can be fond in dozen of fps humans at war with an evil alien race oh geez where have I heard that story before. Well lets see Halo, Resistance, Doom. Quake, Prey, Haze , Area 51, Gears (noted on a FPS) thats just to name a few games that feature the same basic story as KZ2.

Gameplay thats a joke to KZ2 is nothing more then your genric run and gun gameplay fond in almost every FPS out there. The gameplay is almost the exact same as Halo or CoD.

Oh as as for Halo 4 I cant say as this game isnt even in the works yet. However I've said many times that Halo 3 is nothing but a generic fps too.

If you want a FPS that has a creative gameplay and an interesting story that is about aliens or ww2 pick up Darkness and Bioshock.

nycredude3580d ago

There you go again another troll talking about sales as if sales makes a good. Too bad we are talking about a game not the console so your comparison fails. Also MS is stop beating the Ps3 hands down, no matter how much you want to believe it. Maybe in US but overall they are neck in neck.

Although xbox has more titles and while I am not positive is has more highly rated games above 80 to 90 I know for sure it has way more games rated 50 an below also (shovelware).

I understand what you are trying to say but I disagree with your facts.

Sez 3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

"If you don't like a game, it is NOT worth playing TO YOU" ahhhh thats what i said. maybe not in those exacted word. but the meaning is the same. i asked what determines a quality title to Hallucinate.
he said a game thats worth playing. well there are alot of games on the 360 that are worth playing. but sonyfans always say that 360 has no quality games.

i don't like MGS4. as i said before. but again thats my opinion. many people may agree/disagree with me. but in the end it's still my opinion. i have never come to this site and said that the ps3 has no quality titles. because i don't like the games/system. what you like. is what you like. what i like is. what i like. and if people feel the same about it they will buy it too.

was i talkng about sales? NO I WASN'T. read my comment. i asked a question. which tells me your not very bright. and yes the 360 outsell games sold on the ps3. not what company makes more money from what system. look at GTA4. it sold more on the 360 WW than it did on the ps3. but Rockstar made more money on the ps3. talk what you know. or get your fact together ok ;)

nix3580d ago

thank god... you found it generic. otherwise i was going to ask you to give us your PSN id so that we can play against each other. so sad.

and oh wait.. we won't be missing you. we've already got bots in KZ2! q:

Hallucinate3580d ago

lol nix i gave you bubbles =D...but seriously why are all these xbots in every killzone 2 article just bash it..if its 'generic' (which its not cause it FEELS completly different then any other fps) honestly if you dont like the game then why are you here? i dont have a 360 so guess what i dont do..thats right i dont go into the 360 section and bash your games.. ffs

JHUX3580d ago

All fanboys are bad, but some of you guys trying to put all blame on ps3 fanboys are, 1) either blind in every thread you read or 2) a 360fanboy your self just wanting to make ps3fanboys look like the bad ones.

Jake11113580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

The demo was fun. Played it like 20 times.
The game is going to be amazing.

When I finish KZ2, next game to purchase is MLB the show. That baseball rocks!

I am definitely happy to own a PS3!

My 360 is fun as well. I like gears 2 and fable. I put them on the backburner though while Sony shines.... Then in a few months.. 360 will shine... Goes in circles..


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Zip3580d ago

I have a good feeling about this ...

xT-Virusx3580d ago

i think it will sell pretty good. the industry seems pretty healthy as well besides the whole "fanboy" war its a good time to be a gamer.

Bits-N-Kibbles3580d ago

What ever happened to the Killzone 2 advertisements that were going to flood the media? I was looking forward to those but have not seen anything yet, did I miss something? Is that after the release because they are not going to have any on shelves after the first 2 hours?

killzone2flop3580d ago

Sony (hopes) hahahahahaha games gonna fail to sell.

pwnsause3580d ago

like that game your displaying in your avatar.

cereal_killa3580d ago

Just like your mother Failed to sell you on the black market she even tried a price cut to get rid of you.........I still see that your a jealous Muppet PP after this game drops you'll have to go to your GOWsucks account so we can start taking your bubble away I sure miss doing that to you.

arika3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

with millions of preorder worldwide killzone 2 has hit the bullseye! can't wait 8 more days till we invade the helghast empire. every ps3 gamer is going to get killzowned!

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