Killzone to match Halo's match-making?

CVG writes:

"During an online chat session via the US PlayStation blog, producer Seb Downie was asked if gamers could expect something similar to what Bungie has done with Halo 2 and Halo 3."

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Fishy Fingers3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Strange headline as I think they're actually talking more about the site/game integration so you can look back over/track all your stats. Far as I know, KZ2 has no "match making" like Halo/COD where your forced to play a game according to the consoles pick, instead you can actually search/filter for the games YOU want to play, be that by rank, player count, map, game type, latency or a combination. Maybe it has both I'm not sure.

Mindboggle3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Yeh you are correct. I read the whole Q&A and this question was regarding stat tracking on the website like Halo did with

Jeff Rubenstein, PlayStation.Blog: [Josh] In terms of stat tracking, will I be able to look through every game I've played? does this with Halo 3 and I've always wondered why more games didn't do that.

Seb Downie, Guerrilla Games: We have a couple of secrets still to announce which will cover your question, so I'll leave that one open til the new version of the site goes live.

Mainman3533d ago

Thats what I hated about COD4 (PS3 version). I couldnt choose my own modes and maps. Only automatching.

I didnt like all the maps and modes. And sometimes I felt like playing a particular mode or at a particular map, but just couldnt because of the automatching.

OOG3533d ago

thats kind of the whole point behind matchmaking... stops people from just playing against the same people all the time for stat boosting....

And makes people learn every map... which they should... you shouldnt only play the ones you do good on etc......

on a side note... cool to see they are gonna be adding some stuff for the game

Big Frank3533d ago

Theres a big problem with being able to pick your own maps and options (if the same as rainbow) is that it can take a long time to get a game going. CODs matchmaking was great because everything was so fast.

All games should look to the way Halo is supported. Being able to record your games and track all your stats should be a conerstone of any online FPS now. Thanks Bungie for bringing us one of the best multiplayer experiences this gen!

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KingDragunov3533d ago

I've got enough of this Halo / Killzone 2 comparison. Killzone 2 will be the next Killzone and Halo ODST will be the next Halo!

DelbertGrady3533d ago

I agree with you but ODST will not be Halo 4. It will be a DLC expansion to Halo 3.

andron3533d ago

The Halo/KZ2 comparisons are way off the mark.

I never understood point of the Halo killer hang up. Commercially it may have a point, but gameplay wise KZ2 is more like CoD4...

1ikedamaster3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

"I've got enough of this Halo / Killzone 2 comparison. Killzone 2 will be the next Killzone and Halo ODST will be the next Halo!"

It should be an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as Halo 3 and COD4.

@Soda Popinsky

It's not DLC, it's considered an expansion but will drop as a full retail game complete with 1000 achievement points(like full games). I'm sure that's not what you expected but check the sites.

DelbertGrady3533d ago

Oh, is that true? My mistake then. I thought it was something similar to GTA IV: The lost & the damned.

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Hallucinate3533d ago

ugh this is really annoying.."will kilzone 2 be sony next halo"..i sure as hell hope not halo is the most overrated game ever made..and its not very good me head aches for some reason

maverick11913533d ago

its not hard to beat halo graphically and gameplay wise halo is cartooney kz2 easily surpasses it sales wise we'll have to see on feb 25th and 27th

Hallucinate3533d ago

lol i dont think KZ2 will even come close to halo..KZ3 maybe but KZ2 its a pretty low chance

cyrus2283533d ago

as much as i love my ps3 i know theres no way killzone 2's sales will come even close to halo 3's it just doesnt have the right advertisement, heck some idiots tried to pre-order it for 360 at my store. like above says, maybe kz3 because more people have to learn about it first.

thehitman3533d ago

Copy resistance matchmaking and rank system. Pwns all hands down.

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