LittleBigPlanet Featured in a Japanese Rock Band's Music Video

Slashgamer Writes: "Okay this is cool! The latest music video from the Japanese rock group Beat Crusaders, features the game LittleBigPlanet. The video, which is being inspired by the song "Phantom Planet," combines video game footage and real life. At one point, we even see SackBoy running around the 'real-world' with masks of the band members. Which makes us want a movie based around SackBoy trapped in our world, but razing havoc on innocent children.

Not surprising, the rock band's record labeled is DefSTAR…yup, you guessed it. They are a division of Sony Music. Either way, I love the video!!"

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Handsome_Devil3530d ago

I think sony finally learned to use themselves to adv. for their games.

sinncross3530d ago

Maybe they have, I doubt it.

No Sony subsidiary works mutually with another. Either someone part of the music video liked LittleBigPlanet or the Playstation division paid a for the exposure.

Of course if Sony Music actually worked in conjunction with Playstation on this then even better.

Siesser3530d ago

That's pretty cool. I've been hoping since launch that there'd be some form of Machinima community created around the game, what with the building your own sets, lip synching, etc. Haven't come across anything yet, but maybe this will inspire some people.

LONEWOLF2313530d ago

Man i love this band BECR FTMFW!

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The story is too old to be commented.