Halo 3 Beta & Crackdown: Is it what it's cracked up to be?

The buzz over Halo 3 Beta and the Crackdown key has died down a bit, especially now that we know for sure that it's more than likely going to be late spring before any of us get to see some Halo 3 action. I have already developed many concerns over the Bungie-Microsoft tactics. For one, they basically found a way to sell a game to people who might not have purchased it. Statistics have already shown that by offering the Beta key, sales of Crackdown rose at least 25% and that was just in pre-orders. Obviously this was an awesome marketing technique, but was it really good for fans in the long run?

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FordGTGuy4428d ago

You get a good game to play and a guaranteed chance of playing a greater game.

BB4427d ago

The article really isn't supposed to put down Crackdown as it is to make 360 owners realize that Microsoft is trying to milk Halo any chance they get

2tired2day2hate4427d ago

milk halo? there's no halo cartoon, they could have made a movie by now if all they wanted was money. there's no halo lunchboxes or halo kids clothes or anything like that. dont act like ms is tryin to make halo the next spongebob

fenderputty4427d ago

Microsoft giving buyers of this game a chance to beta test Halo is "MILKING" Halo. The game sales went up specificly for this reason and not the actual game itself. How you can't see this is beyond me.

2tired2day2hate4427d ago

plus there were other ways to get the beta. it makes sence to find a way to get people the disc in the form of a game. as opposed to having people sign up and get a disc mailed to thousands of people. if they would have offered the disc in a magazine they would still have to make thousands more discs. and its not like crackdown was a game with no hype. they didnt slap the beta onto a crappy game no one was going to buy anyway.

OldSchoolGamer4427d ago

Not a press report, not even an analysis just flame bait, and if you are gonna cut a paste from a "story", put quotes around the item and dont post blogs unless from a developer

BB4427d ago

I never stated it was a press report, that's why I selected it was an "article", and it's an article to put things into perspective, it's not meant to start a flame war

OldSchoolGamer4427d ago

Not hard if something being reported on is not yours directly put quotes, and/or attribute words to the proper person. Also, don't post personal blogs/reviews, as they are intended only as a way to bait a flame war.

Boink4427d ago

I don't see why this was approved, but since it was, to answer the question in the title:

Yes, it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.