The Conduit gets "improvement" and "dev features" videos

VG247: After the break. One movie shows various gameplay features of the upcoming High Voltage Wii shooter, including animation techniques that "makes the player's kill experience more enjoyable".

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pwnsause3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

it will be interesting to see how this game will play on the wii. By looking at this game so far though, it looks really good visually. like the customizable controls and of course the customizable HUD.

I hope they succeed in setting the standard on how FPS' should be done on the wii. by the way, does this game support motion plus?

ChickeyCantor3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

No it does not support motion plus, as they said, the way they designed this game Motion plus is gimmicky. They said it doesn't add up to anything for this game. They already talked about conduit 2 and said that maybe they will use it in there...
Honestly i don't see how Motion plus would work for FPS games.

ChickeyCantor3532d ago

this is kinda old >_>...
And the early development videos were never i don't really get the point of why they showed it just recently.

LazyDevs3532d ago

Looks crappy as does the controls....

ChickeyCantor3532d ago

Your trolling skills are a huge failure.

TheFreak3532d ago

High Voltage are setting a high standard for wii games. Lets just hope it sells well, so other developers will follow High Voltage's example. I'm tired of half assed games being released on the wii.

ChickeyCantor3532d ago

Developers will IF we support this game.
HVS deserves it. Day one purchase for me.

TheFreak3532d ago

Yes true that. Day 1 purchase for me too.

FinalomegaS3532d ago

yo, I have an answer for your montion+ in FPS.

More accurate action can be performed such as holding switches and turning stuff etc might give us a more real feel while doing it.

SEGA will own this year on the wii.

BTW house of the dead overkill ( director cut) , epic... actually took a break from SF IV and played a few rounds.

It's pretty cool how you can buy weapons and upgrade like RE:umbrellaC

Just don't know how to get duel wield guns hmm...

Sorry got a little distracted hehe, Conduit looks epic control wise just haven't heard anything about staffing.

Voiceofreason3532d ago

There are two ways to DW in HOTD. EIther play the second player or beat the games directors cut mode and it will open up the DW option for each player.

ChickeyCantor3532d ago

If i go brainstorm about it, I can think of manythings. But at its core the IR does it job well for FPS games.

Product3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

yea after you beat the directors mode...a dual wield icon appears next to the stage you select...its an icon just liek the "extra mutants" button.You click it for dual wield.

Aso the straffing part i hope they can put in......they are thinking of doing a 180 button which is really useful in multiplayer matches.I play alot of online pc fps like unreal and 180 keybinds are a really good thing to have.

FinalomegaS3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

thanks guys, I haven't finish directors cut yet, been redoing some levels. Love that hand cannon.


ya you have a point, but I think Motion+ should be standard. We never know really what it can do since we have yet to see any 3rd party put it into action.

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