PS2 Bumps Xbox 360 from Gamefly Top Spot

Holy Kataragi! The Xbox 360 reign on the Gamefly Top 10 top position has officially been shanghi'd by God of War 2 for the PS2! Perhaps anticipation for the side game quests (cough... cough... ) have inspired PS2 gamers to give her a spin.

Other notables include SSX Blur for the Wii coming in at 8th place, in addition to Crackdown for the Xbox 360 at 2nd...

Queue up the complete list:

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Bhai4430d ago

That's what I've been saying. 360's battle with PS3 doesn't even start until Sony's current-gen system is not done kicking major a$$ of MS' 2nd xbox, after absolutely butchering the first xbox.

PS2's hardware is 7 years old, and still its new games are regarded as next-gen by critics including FF-XII and god of war-II. This is what we call 'Larger Than Life' system.

I bet Sony's outstanding level of engineering done in PS2 is what's driving the output of the overall system. Imean who knew that even PS2 could produce HDR, Motio-Blur and Depth-of-Field !!! its just amazing what it can do with only 32 mb RAM and just 4 mb VideoRAM. PS2 was the actual next-gen of its time you know...minimal hardware-specs producing maximum possibilities...just like Sony has made a single PowerPC core to produce 10 times the power of a Pentium-4 CPU in the form of CELL for the PS3. Its just AWESOME !

Violater4430d ago

but i think GOW2 is the PS2's last huzzahh,
What should be troubling is that there isn't a single PS3 title in the cross platform list. Not even Motor storm.

HokieFan4430d ago

Agreed...I'm very surprised to not see MotorStorm on there. Maybe it's 11th?

kewlkat0074430d ago

Why we still talking about old Gen like its the best hardware out right now?

The Ps2 will do great because of:

2.Attractive Size
3.Gaming Library

candystop4430d ago

This game looks pretty sick for a PS2 game but all that we sold more and have the best graphics crap needs to chill!

Dusk4430d ago

...that it's really about the games. God of War is a great game, it doesn't matter what system it's on. So is Gears, Halo, FF, Crackdown, Shadow of Colossus, etc. etc. This is separate from who makes the hardware. The PS2 has the weakest hardware of its generation. That's a fact. Arguments to the contrary like from #1 are just assinine. This doesn't mean that there aren't great games on the PS2. There are great games on every system.

What sucks for the Sony fanboys is that this game wasn't released for the PS3, since the PS3 doesn't really have any winners yet (Sorry but games like Resistance and Motorstorm, while solid games, average only in the 8's ( and are not slices of gaming gold like God of War, Gears, Zelda, etc.). The Xbox and Gamecube lost last gen before they even hit the market, so it makes sense to move on to this gen. With Sony's lack of success this gen, it makes sense to still milk the PS2 (huge fanbase and all). Problem is, if Sony spends too much time on the PS2, the Wii and 360 will continue to leave the PS3 in their wakes. Games like God of War 2 need to be on the PS3 now, so we can stop seeing those sad stacks of PS3s in stores.

Rasputin20114430d ago

So many fanboys have lost touch with that it is the GAMES that make the gaming industry what it is not just the GRAPHICS. I did not doubt that God of War 2 was going to top the charts and kick allot of arse like I own a 360 along with my PS2 so I will get the best of both worlds but anyway my point is why not talk about why God of War 2 is topping charts not just the fact that it is doing better then some Xbox360 titles like who cares if G.O.W.2 is on the PS2 not next-gen a kick ass game is a kick ass game regardless of what platform it is developed on.

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