Edge Review: Race Pro

Edge writes: "The sim-racing community has long felt comfortable with the continual acceleration of the driving genre on console.

Gran Turismo may have led the initial drive towards realism, but in sim terms Sony's franchise and Forza 2, its arguably more accomplished disciple, still have a considerable slice of tarmac ahead of them."

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rucky3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Really edge? An 8?


MrJack3529d ago

To Edge360, seriously a game with 68 on metacritic, and you give it higher than a game with 93?

IQUITN4G3529d ago

Played it have you guys?

RadientFlux3529d ago

Race Pro seems to be one of those racing games you either like or hate. From what I've read about the game even on it's easiest difficulty it puts most sim-based games to shame.

The issue most reviewers seem to have with the game is that while the game is challenging and racing itself is pretty good. All the bells and whistles we expect from sim-based racers have been left out.

I'm planning on giving Race Pro a rent this weekend.

Why o why3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

codemasters are british

Dont think there's a connection??...look at the scores they give to their compatriots games on any format. They are just looking after their own neighbours