Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Now Available

The Legendary Pack is now available for download from the XBL Marketplace and the PSN Store. It will also be available from the Criterion Store for PC users soon.

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Keyop3531d ago

..and what a con those prices are considering what you actually get for your money... this whole DLC micro transaction thing is getting ridiculous now, pay to unlock games, pay for a car, pay for power ups. I shall vote with my wallet on mad DLC like this. Extra levels or maps I can understand, but a car? Who sir me sir no sir. Why is one twice the price of the rest?? Not for me...

PirateThom3531d ago

The one that's twice the price is the one styled after the DeLorean.

Tony999Montana3531d ago

Its not like you're paying to unlock cars which are already in the game, like other games may ask you to do. Criterion have put a lot of time into creating these new unique cars. Besides they gave us free bikes, challenges and have improved the game already loads for free.

thats_just_prime3531d ago

After they tried to make you pay 10 dollars for a 100kb downlaod I dont think I'll be geting any of their trash

agentace3531d ago

yeah but you`ve already downloaded the cars in the v1.7 update which was 170mb

Nuclearfish3531d ago

You download the cars in the free 170mb update, but that's so that everyone can see them when they go online. Just because we have actually downloaded the cars for free, doesn't mean we should get to drive them for free.

It's the same thing with LittleBigPlanet costumes. Everyone downloads them with the free updates, but to be able to use them you have to pay to unlock them.

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onAXIT3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

It's NOT available in EU yet. (PS Store/In-game-Store) :(

Speed-Racer3531d ago

If it isnt available yet for will be just keep checking and please stop reporting my post.

WaR_HaWk3531d ago

Im gona buy DeLorean, cuz its super fckin awesome. Back to Future FTW.

Sangria3531d ago

So we have the DeLorean from Back To The Future, the GhostBuster's car, Kitt from K2000, which are the next?

WaR_HaWk3531d ago

the dukes of hazzard car.

hotrider123531d ago


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