Microsoft to Nintendo: Banjo-Kazooie for Diddy Kong Racing?

Play-Nintendo has an article up with some quotes from the Rare Scribes pages that mention two things. First, Rare/Microsoft hasn't dismissed the idea of Banjo-Kazooie showing up on Wii's Virtual Console. Second, Diddy Kong Racing isn't clearly Nintendo's.

SPOnG has an article up where Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, said "We know that there are a lot of fans from Microsoft and Xbox because they call us constantly trying to get product.

Gameblog The Pensive Gamer speculates:

"Why would Microsoft let Nintendo put Banjo-Kazooie on the Wii? Seeing the two articles made me think the idea is a negotiating tactic. Microsoft would love to see a Nintendo property on their console. If Diddy Kong Racing isn't clearly Nintendo's (and this could be due to an old contract between Rare and Nintendo) it could be the perfect game to grab. Microsoft could offer Banjo-Kazooie to smooth out even the potential of a legal situation."

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FordGTGuy5818d ago

win-win for the consumer lets just hope its real :).

bung tickler5818d ago (Edited 5818d ago )

nintendo will probably say "no thanks... but we'll do goldeneye for diddy kong."

Icryo5818d ago

I no longer care about Rare- all my faith in their abilities have been flushed down the toilet. Sure Viva Pinata was OK, but boy o boy was Perfect Dark Zero crap, with its ugly controls, cheesy plot and voice-overs and Kameo was pretty in graphics but an underwhelming experience at best. Going to the old Xbox, look at the crap they shovelled out for us. Grabbed by the Ghoulies- what a joke. Seriously, the only good game Rare has made for Microsoft Xbox is Conker. Rare needs to up their game, or be dissolved...

Merovee5818d ago

PDZ was an awesome concept gone to pot, as was Kameo. I really had high hopes for those 2.

PS360WII5818d ago

Conkers wasn't even that great for xbox. N64 version still beats it gameplay wise hands down... the problem isn't Rare it's MS not giving Rare the ability to take a delay to get the issues solved

shotty5817d ago

You can't blame them though, because RARE was making 2 out of 3 of xbox 360 launch games and they had to rush to get them out. Now that microsoft is in the leading position they can afford to give their developers plenty of time (i.e delaying forza 2 by 6 months, spending 3 years on Halo 3, the focus now is more on quality then quantity)

ChickeyCantor5817d ago

put it on VC and xbox live, you will make money anyway MS.