StarCraft II Graphical Updates: Before And After

Kotaku writes: "The art team for upcoming real-time-strategy StarCraft II has been busy. It's been adding new animations and improving textures. Check out the before and after pictures of the game's insectoid Zerg faction."

(Found via a Q&A post on forums)

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Fel3531d ago

Lemme check.... yep... I just came.

Tempist3531d ago

Me thinks the art department has been stuck on WoW for way too long.

It's looking like StarCraft is losing it's unique artistic look in favour of WoW esque bland modifications. They are an improvement, but it all looks way to similar to the WarCraft Universe.

levy3531d ago

Damn, that really is some improvement. I would rather be without the plastic WC models, so this is awesome!

Torkith3531d ago

Now give me my beta damn it!