Xbox LIVE Reaches 6 Million Members 4 Months Ahead of Schedule

Originally Posted by MS:

"At E3 this past year, Microsoft announced the goal that the Xbox LIVE community would be 6 million members strong by June 2007. We underestimated how fast gamers would discover that the real joy of next-generation gaming is online.

Microsoft is proud to announce today that more than 6 million gamers worldwide are connected to Xbox LIVE, a milestone that was reached 4 months ahead of schedule. Xbox LIVE, the premier online entertainment network, offers the best in online gaming, ubiquitous voice, video and text chatting, Achievements, demos, trailers and more.

And, with Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace, gamers can download thousands of hours of premium entertainment content, from high-def TV shows like “CSI” or “Robot Chicken,” to full-length films such as “Saw III” or “Crank.” And, as announced this past week, Xbox LIVE members can download the first ever HD episode of “South Park,” exclusive to the Xbox 360 and available free starting today, March 6."

(Thanks Blimblim.)

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Boink4426d ago

pwning folks on xbl is the reason I exist. :)

not really, the whole experience from demos, video chat, messaging to my kid playing at while i'm at work, XBLA, the list goes on and on!

I just wish the HD movie and TV service was available in canada! C'MON MS

FordGTGuy4426d ago

MS doesn't have control over the region content can go to because restrictions and contracts restrict them to released them in those countries.

Boink4426d ago

I've been in touch with MS canada, and I know they are trying, I just want them to use some of that MS muscle to get it here sooner:)

FordGTGuy4426d ago

I wonder how many more Xbox 360s they have sold.

shikwan4426d ago

I remember when MS announced their online plans and Sony soon followed, stating that MS's plan wouldn't work cause broadband wasn't in all areas and nobody wanted to pay. They also argued that the game devs would prefer their open-ended style more cause they could put up their own servers.

6 million strong and Sony STILL hasn't learned.

grifter0244426d ago

Thats true but I wonder if they took into account the multiple accounts that people make.... The service is good really good I just dont like how i have to go into the movies 1 by 1 to see whats new and whats old..... Good job the community is going to get bigger when halo 3 comes out you know that.

Rasputin20114425d ago

I love my XBOX 360 but I am not one of those 6 million....whats wrong with me?

TheMART4425d ago

A lot probably ;-)

I can even say: I am not a single player gamer. My gamerscore is only 425 points or so. That's just because I only play online almost...

It's more fun, interactive etc. Co-op can be fun, that's a nice mix of online gaming and single player story

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The story is too old to be commented.