Can Nintendo Go Head To Head With Sony & Microsoft Next Round?

Nintendo almost felt the wrath of being Dream Casted in this industry but, the Wii has come to save the day and possibly put Nintendo in a position to compete directly with Sony and Microsoft in terms of sheer power. The N64 was the first time Nintendo had ever suffered defeat which changed the tides in their business.

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Smacktard3580d ago

Err... aren't they competing directly with Sony and Microsoft right now?

ChickeyCantor3580d ago


You will upset some HD freaks!

(also bubbles +)

TriforceLightning3580d ago

Wise man says: A wider net catches more fish.

Gr813580d ago

To ask. The real question is can either Sony or m$ compete with Nintendo Next-gen, because currently they are getting their a$$e$ handed to them.