PlayStation Store update Japan - 19 February

Nextgamer posted up the Japan PlayStation Store update of 19 February 2009. Hit the jump for the full list of PS3 and PSP updates.

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Xandet3532d ago

I totally forgot the Yakuza 3 demo would be out today in the Japanese store. I guess having afternoon classes DOES have it's benefits; no sleep for me tonight/this morning! Totally worth it.

remanutd553532d ago

downloading yakuza3 demo as i type , 70% already

Megaton3532d ago

Playing the Yakuza 3 demo right now. Can't understand a damn thing, but the fighting is fun.

-GametimeUK-3532d ago

Lets see what all this hype is about... Gonna DL Yakuza 3
Can anyone tell me what to expect plz?

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