MadCatz Street Fighter IV FightSticks and FightPads Sold Out

Who would have known that all the Street Fighter IV FightPads and FightSticks would be sold out so soon following Street Fighter IV's launch? It's a bummer, but a MadCatz representative urges gamers not to get discouraged or shell out "silly prices on eBay." More are on the way.

"The story is, new pads will be coming in. They will be replenished though March and April," said Mad Catz' global communications manager Alex Verrey. "Please be patient with us, and don't pay silly prices on eBay. These controllers are not a limited edition, there will be more; they're being made literally right now."

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OOG3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

I want one :).....

who would have thought that street fighter would have such an impact..... early 90s WHATS UP! lol

And wow at capcom... they really are swinging for the fences this year.

ceedubya93532d ago

I saw that my local best buy had them on the self before the release date, and I made sure I grabbed one right then and there. Glad I did. The controller felt iffy with Turbo HD, but it works like a charm with 4 after some break in time.

04soldier3532d ago

$70 -$80 for a controller. No thanks I'll stick to my Dual shock 3.

ceedubya93532d ago

Where are you getting yours from? I got mine for 40. The lower model arcade stick is 70 though, but not the fight pad should be cheaper.

blodulv3532d ago

doing some serious SFIV night sessions Lol. In fact my damn hand is a little sore today. Anyways, did anyone else notice any glitches with theirs fight pad? Mine would for some reason get locked in mid-fight making my fighter unable to move on a few occassions and also it started going crazy on the d-pad during the fighter select screen, like it was doing a random character select and I wasn't even touching the thing.

I like the controller feel overall but those issues might have me going back to the Dualshock. More experimentation to presume later.

ceedubya93532d ago

I have the 360 one, and haven't had such issues. I remember that my sixxaxis would do things like that from time to to time. Is the PS3 fightpad blutooth?

blodulv3532d ago

and it's wireless. The Dualshock 3 worked really well with the exception of having the R2 trigger as your heavy kick. I can re-configure that though but it is definately nice to have the six button layout. I've heard about some minor lag issues, but that's about it. I'll give it another go tonight and see what happens, I usually never buy third party accessories.

ceedubya93532d ago

The fact that its wireless is probably the problem if its anything like the PS3 controller as far as losing signal every once in a blue moon. But yeah, you can't beat having all 6 buttons on the face of the controller. Having the 3 Ps and 3 Ks mapped to the shoulder buttons makes pulling off Ultras pretty simple.