Darkfall's NDA has been lifted, system requirements given

Earlier this afternoon, the Non Disclosure Agreement for Darkfall Online has been lifted, in preparation for next's week's highly-anticipated launch. With this NDA lift comes complete information on the game's pricing, availability and system requirements.

According to the announcement by Tasos, the European launch is still on track to happen next Wednesday, February 25th. North Americans are welcome to participate in the European launch, with North American servers coming soon. They say the option will come to migrate servers later.

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TheIneffableBob3529d ago

So this game's finally releasing, huh?

edgeofblade3529d ago

Highly anticipated? Never heard of it.

Vecta3529d ago

Because your online endeavors probably just consist of spamming N4G....

Baka-akaB3529d ago

Er , to be honest , even on mmo sites it hasnt made a big splash nor made much headlines .

It's mostly known about a few awaiting it like a messiah , because of it's status of full PVP game , and hardcore mmo heaven .

Personally i'm more than happy to play such an hardcore kind of game , but i dont see why it has to looks poor , and play like sh*t to fulfill those purposes ...