X-Play: Great Moments in Gaming: Goldeneye

X-Play takes a look back at one of the great first-person shooters of all time, the revolutionary Goldeneye, as one of the Great Moments In Gaming.

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ape0073530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

goldeneye is the best fps imo along with perfect dark

ahhhhh,those were the days

after rare team split after developing perfect dark on n64(see wikipedia),the team shortly became average

ms took them,I don't know why they took the "new" rare,they are worthless,don't get me wrong,ms gave them a powerfull system and an amazing online service for rare,it's the "new" rare who sucks,play pdz on 360,it's not even a shadow from the n64 classsic,ask any former rare gamer,and see how much difference between n64 360

if the same ge007\pd64 developed pdz,pdz would've been the greatest game ever and the number 1 reasone to own a 360,cod 4,gears will fall short.believe me,I know I'll get tons of disagrees