The Most Innovative Companies In Gaming

Business magazine Fast Company has released a list of the 10 most innovative companies in the gaming industry. Where do Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony rank?

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dan881233530d ago

Sony has done several things in gaming that was very innovative.They had the first system that was more than just a videogame console. Bluray(PS3)-dvd's(PS2)-and music(Ps1).

lociefer3530d ago

*Xbox 360 continues to outsell Sony's PS3* that's innovation ? FFS they didnt find anything to write about m$'s innovation so they wrote anything they could find

Real Gambler3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Microsoft Xbox being innovative for outselling the PS3 and it's price cut!


They used off the shelf last gen hardware, including a DVD media that is 15 years old, and they used an off the shelf CPU and they still managed to make a console that has been flaky until now. Sure the only good thing they have is Live, but at $50 per year, I would not call that innovation, but a rippoff. People who didn't buy a 360 since launch have already saved $150!!!! One more year, and they will be able to buy a 360 for free with the money they saved (and if they are lucky, they may have fixed all the problem they had with their "innovative" off the shelves hardware!!!)

That's innovation for sure! LOL

bbblockbird3530d ago

i have to go with sony being somewhere in the list. microsoft though wtf?! that isnt innovation compared to a blueray player, computer, and gaming system rolled into one. Plus all the other stuff sony produces harmonix is another one i felt should have not made the list. u create a innovatitive game and do the same thing again?

LarVanian3530d ago

I'd say after bringing out Little Big Planet, Resistance 2 and Killzone 2, Sony are the most innovative.

ChickeyCantor3530d ago

I don't see how SONY is innovative with what you say as they have sub companies developing those games and they have their OWN NAME.

People tend to forget this, they say Sony is about naming the actuall developers..

Credit Where Credit's Due, or something.

cayal3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

So how does Microsoft who -

- release a faulty console and haven't fixed it in 3 years
- use old gen technology (DVD)
- sell less per year then any other current console
- support a format that didn't last (HD-DVD)
- charge for multi-disk games

get on top of Sony who

- Use Blu-ray and almost single handedly pushed it to challenge DVD.
- Help produce games like LittleBigPlanet, Flower/Flow/Echochrome, Killzone 2
- Release a console that allows universities help with disease research

Sorry but that is a load of crock.

ChickeyCantor3530d ago

Cayal if you are talking to me,

I didn't say that to bash Sony, i said that in defense of all the developers who made games like LBP and killzone2 or whatever.
Its not Sony people make it out to be, these developers have a name too.
People should credit them not Sony.

Sony's innovation lies with the Disc and hardware perhaps, but the innovation of the games comes from the developers.

So i don't see how you got MS into this =/.

cayal3530d ago

I was speaking generally but don't forget Media Molecule was mentioned on that list.

I just don't see how Microsoft can possibly be on there when they bring nothing innovative except maybe netflix.

ChickeyCantor3530d ago

Well i was just replying to this comment not the article =).

LarVanian3530d ago

sidar maybe you should think more.
Sony made a console in which games such as Little Big Planet and Resistance 2 are possible to make on.
That is how Sony is innovative.

PS: Insomniac, Media Molecule and Guerilla all get credit from me everytime I buy their games and enjoy them. So yeah I do give credit to these companies. (More than you do most likely)

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Lou-Cipher3530d ago

Since when did outselling Sony translate to being more innovative?

Most hardcore 360 fanboys believe that sales are more important than the quality of a game (that is why when a PS3 game is praised, the retard 360 fanboys bring up sells #s) So now I guess they can say because it doesn't sell as much as Halo, they can not only say it isn't as good, but they can also say its not as innovative. HAHA

To all the morons out there, that think sells makes a game better, or adds innovation to a company that sells more.


Sony kicks the crap out of Microsoft when it comes to Quality and Innovation.

xabmol3530d ago


*hangs head in shame*