TQcast- EP55 Cracking down on Trophy cheaters

The latest TQcast has Desz and Juice cracking down on trophy cheaters. TQcast covers the truth behind the availability to cheat with game saves, and even interviews the gamer accused of trophy cheating last week "INFECTEDPB503".

TQcast EP55 (2:00) Cracking down on trophy cheaters!

* TQcast confronts Game Saver "Infectedpb503?
* Why is everybody hating on the PS3?
* Why games and movies combined makes 59.99 affordable
* Blu-Ray starting to prove it's potential
* Flower Impressions
* Little Big Planet is a must!
* Bejewled addiction
* Juice makes Level 5 finally !
* Cachaca 51 makes it's TQ debut
* Natalie Martinez or Rachel McAdams?

* All that, plus your video games, movies, album, and drink tip of
the week, and of course much much mO!
* ***VIP*** PS3 Wireless Keypad winner announced!
* ***VIP*** TQfam of the month for January announced!

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Mindboggle3580d ago

How can you cheat PS3 trophys using others game saves ???

Its impossible, you get the "You did not earn a trophy" message. Ive already tried it.

Im glad they did this though, I hate cheaters.

Dark_Overlord3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

reason being

I copied some of my saves off my HD the other day and formatted it, then afterwards I copied the saves back and it still allowed me to earn trophies (mainly PJM), now if I copied that save to someoine elses machine then I would get the you did not earn a trophy message.

So somewhere within the save must be a unique identifier for the PS3, all that would need to happen is for someone to find a way to decrypt the save and then find that identifier information, edit it then re encrypt the save. This is a lot harder than it sounds, but it is possible

dalibor3580d ago

Had no idea that people could technically cheat to acquire trophies. That is crazy, it beats the purpose of having trophies, glad I got every single trophy I have fair & square. I am proud of getting the Fly The Co-op trophy in Gta4, one of the hardest trophies to get imo, took my buddy & I like four days to get it. If anybody needs help with getting the trophy let me know.

medziarz3580d ago

a pro ps3 fan podcast :P

looks like a "must-have" for all real ps3 fanboys

sonic19893580d ago

my ps3 died yesterday and i am planing 2 get a new ps3, so when i sgin in using my ID will the trophies show up in to my new ps3 xmb?


dalibor3579d ago

I am pretty sure that it will be saved. My ps3 took a sh*t on me also & I didn't back up my game saves but when I popped in Cod4 in my new 60gig ps3 & played online they still had my stats saved!! I figure that your trophy is connected to your online account, just like how you can re-download all the things that you purchased on Psn through your account.