Spoilers All Halo Wars Cinematics Leaked

After the game was recently leaked the cut scenes managed to make it into Youtube a few hours ago. This seems to be all the Halo Wars cut scenes with sound but with the character voices muted for some odd reason. If your planning to buy the game don't watch them. Otherwise enjoy the amazing CGI show.

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oriol0033618d ago

Atleast the cinematics have better graphics then Killzone 2

Violater3618d ago

Keep telling yourself that.

MicroSony4Life3618d ago

I wanna be buried in a spartan Uniform.

jkoz3618d ago

Sweet, now I don't need to play through the game to get the story. Score.

floppyfeet3618d ago

I hated the demo , it was bottom of the barrel trash

I love when these leaks happen , It saved me 400 dollars on a ps3 with MGS4 and now it saved me 60 bucks on halo bores

RebornSpy3618d ago

but I don't think I will be getting the game any time soon. I am a huge Halo fan, though, and I don't want to miss out on the story, so I might just check out all of the cinematics to get the story without paying for the game.

I'm sure I'll get the game eventually, but right now there are others that I would rather buy.

CrazedFiend3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

I did like MGS4 though. It really had a lot of game play variety which kept it fun. But on the other hand, although I have no intention to buy Halo Wars, I do love a good story.


Wait! Why can't I hear their voices!?!? B!tch!!!

omodis4203618d ago

Wow. The Spartan Battle is awesome against all those elites.

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The story is too old to be commented.