Why firmware 2.7 rumors might be fake

Recently a blog named 'PS3 Trophy Guides' has reported rumors of firmware 2.7 and what features it includes. While a lot of people would get excited, including me, if its all true, odds are its not, and here are my reasons behind it.

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Johnny Rotten3530d ago

If you think it's a fake press agree.

alan0013530d ago

press what for mayb? hehehe XD

ape0073530d ago

let's just wait for gdc 2009

im sure sony will say something about this + home support

don't forget,EA complex is coming too soon as well as capcom and the other 24 supporters

I hope 2.7 is true

psn is growing,the potential just make your head explode

Domenikos3530d ago

Im exceptic on that one too... but hey we still have other nice "maybe" features.

MAR-TYR-DOM3530d ago

how can one expect sony to incorporate all of those features in ONE update. Not saying its impossible, but like, thats a little too much.

Sev3530d ago

It's fake.

Since when did N4G allow sites with this bad spelling and grammar skills.

There has been a total of 3 sites today, 2 of which had a .wordpress extension that got through approval with horrible content.

I_am_rushin3530d ago

He brings up some good points except for this.

Quote "A highly wanted feature, but more likely being saved for firmware 3.o"

Sony have said that the numbers do not directly coincide with features. Yes, the major features are on the x.x0 updates, but a x.00 update is no different.

Remember how uneventful 2.00 was? Oh, that's right! Most of these people running there own website/blog have only been PS3 owners for a short while.

I_am_rushin3530d ago


Do you know anything about upcoming firmware features?

will113530d ago

If you think its a fake, take some bubbles from this guy... he has too many

JhawkFootball063530d ago

Johnny you have alot of bubbles.

jidery3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Sev shall i remind you that your website is also a word press blog? It also at one point started out with a .wordpress and it also has grammar errors?

Every website has to start somewhere................

Sev3530d ago

@ Jidery,

In 2 weeks it won't be a wordpress blog.

We will be running our own stuff soon with a complete re-launch coming in 2 weeks.

Yes we all have to start somewhere, start with buying a domain name, and mapping it to your wordpress blog. Then people will pay attention.

You don't know how rough I had it when I first started out.

Omegasyde3530d ago

Wordpress blogs can be created in a matter of minutes and are easier to make than face book pages. What is really funny is that we have random blog talking about firmware, with no sources whatsoever, and now we another random blog trying to discredit it. I understand blogs are great, but people need to stop making random blogs approving/disaproving/stating/ discovering gaming. There should be like a background check on some of these blogs, because clearly they create stories for flamebait or to get degrees on

To the N4g users, please stop approving random blogs.

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callahan093530d ago

Why would he think voice messaging couldn't come until 3.0? In-Game XMB and Trophy Support were MUCH bigger and more important additions to the firmware than voice messaging, and they didn't bring about 3.0, they were like 2.40 or something like that. I think all of this stuff is more than capable of being in updates that are pre-3.0 ... Not saying 2.70 will have all this awesome stuff, but I don't think that any of this stuff would necessitate upping the firmware version to an all new integer.

Domenikos3530d ago

2.4 was one of the most or maybe the most waited firmware and its not a ".0" number.^^

callahan093530d ago

That's my point. The writer of the article that this story is from is saying that voice chat is more of a 3.0 feature. I say it's not, BECAUSE in-game XMB and trophies were just a feature in a random 2 point something (2.40 I think) update.

DeforMAKulizer3530d ago

Exactly!! And with their track record of listing to people's complaints, i guess they would implement a new gamercard, and some new wanted features!
Plus they teased that automatic trophy card will soon be available at their official website as well, so maybe its part of it!
Hope its true... Remember guys that 2.4 was a significant update...
It added trophies, new friends' list stuff, in-game xmb...
So i wouldn't go far as to say that 2.7 might include most of the stuff on that list!
Hopefully!! I would just like to hear some form of acknowledgement from Sony!

Chaoticsoulx3530d ago

But you all know it's going to copy every single thing 360 has, and add more stuff by the time 3.0 comes out.

so it doesn't really matter if this one is fake or not, 3.0 will add these things and more.

that in game browser thing aside that is.

lokiroo4203530d ago

#1 and only reason it might be fake
Not announced by sony.

Omegasyde3530d ago

Hmm, but to that credit many sites (credible) have announced upcoming features in firmware before Sony released a press release. was on a roll for a while.

Jake the Muss3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

The problem with firmware "rumors", although I find them interesting to read, is that some do not take them as said: that they remain nothing but "rumors" until confirmed by Sony.

Although there is nothing wrong with hoping that the list is correct (who wouldn't?), when Sony eventually releases FW 2.7 the official Playstation boards will undoubtedly get flooded with "but where is the in-game browser!" and "Sony promised us this!" etc... You would hope that people would have learned from the FW 2.0 debacle, but some unfortunately haven't. Ahh, the memories...

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