SFIV Sticks & Pads Sold Out Everywhere -- eBay Profits

So now that you've got your shiny new copy of Capcom's "Street Fighter IV," unboxed it and discovered how infuriatingly useless the default Xbox 360 controller is for throwing a decent Dragon Punch, it might occur to you to pick up one of the lovely new Mad Catz FightSticks -- or FightPads -- that have wowed the crowd ever since their CES 2009 debut.

But if you go to GameStop, or Game Crazy, or Best Buy, or Amazon, or even Mad Catz' own GameShark Store today in an attempt to purchase any of the sixteen different wired and wireless SFIV products available across Xbox 360 and PS3, you're going to be out of luck.

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Blasphemy3532d ago

I want the Tournament Edition stick now but they are sold out everywhere. Why did I be so stupid and not pre order when I had the chance. I suck using the PS3 controller and this game. I can't pull the moves off right.

Voozi3532d ago

I was looking to get 1 of those madcatz tournament stick thingies but $150 seems a bit hefty for one lol (Tournament one, not sure how much the standard goes for)

Guess I'll have to make do w/ PS3 controller lol

jackdoe3532d ago

You could buy a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 which is quite good as well.

Jinxstar3531d ago

I seem to be ok so far... Got a blister already but unlocked all the toons so far =D. I can pull off for the most part what i try. I would like a new pad though too. They will release some more i am sure.

Blasphemy3531d ago

"You could buy a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 which is quite good as well."

Just ordered one last night because I can't find the TE stick anywhere.

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mariethebee3532d ago

GAR!!!!! Frustrationsssss!

XxZxX3532d ago

I like my X-arcade two player joystick better. No thank you.

WIIIS13532d ago

And people will still canvass irrelevant arguments about which D-pad is better for fighting games when the reality is that fans would have bought a fighting stick already.

housegroove763532d ago

I didnt feel like blowing the money on the tourny stick so i bought the fightpad. Its a glorious thing to hold and brought back all the memories of the best pad for Capcom fighters EVER, The Saturn pad!! Its a bit more beefy that the Saturn pad but comes as close to anything to matching the perfect feel.

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The story is too old to be commented.