Sony Moves Hot Shots Demo Up

Sony Japan announced today that the PlayStation Store demo of Hot Shots Golf 5 (Minna no Golf 5 in Japan) will make it out on 3/16, a few days prior to the original 3/21 release date. The company cited worries about overloading the PlayStation Network servers by releasing the demo just prior to the 3/23 European PS3 launch. Hot Shots Golf is one of Japan's most popular PlayStation franchises.

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r10004427d ago

Cool I can deleted the Motorstorm Demo and then Download this one...

kewlkat0074427d ago

but I had this game for the PSP and really liked it. Can anybody tell me if the Demo is good? Not that I'm gonna go out there to get a PS3 but in the future I will get this game.

ooogabooga234427d ago

I still play the ps1 game. But that also was my last sony consol I bought, but it is still a great game