There may be more SFIV Characters with Enough Demand

Is Street Fighter IV missing your favorite character? Relax: Capcom has revealed that you might be getting them in the future.

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GrieverSoul3618d ago

Who knows?! Maybe they are already on the disc!
Incomplete models you know! ;) Then the DLC with just 100kb will finish the model! lol

no_more_trolling3618d ago

they should include some players from EX 2. like the skullmania guy, and the explosives guy, and the guy who has no memory of his past

anyone knows those guys im talking about. im talking EX 2 here

pain777pas3617d ago

Add anyone you think will fit well and yes I'll pay allitle extra. But, no skimping I want the anime openings and endings for each please. You've done a great Job Capcom. I cannot even say how much I've played in the last few days well over 10 hours to say the least. Keep it coming the game is fun and deep as hell. People online are already pretty good too. I got owned by C.Viper yesterday as Ryu.

Sitdown3618d ago

why that pic was chosen. Anyhow....I do not know the size of you guy's tv.....but when I was playing it last night on mine, the graphics made me feel like I was at the arcade. It just gave me that feel of being at the arcade unit.

housegroove763618d ago

forget about T Hawk or DJ, this is street fighter 4 people. Lets inject some new blood into the series (except for Rufus, he is my most hated character EVER!!!!!! Whoever thought the idea for his character was good, should be drug out and shot along with his family) At least put some early versions of SF 3 characters since SF4 is between 2 and 3. Maybe have Gill show up just to bridge everything together.

unrealgamer583617d ago

as long as my main man guy is in there then i couldnt give a crap

Venomish3617d ago

I would like to see some Street Fighter III 3rd strike characters

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