Type 3 - Graphical Juggernaut to Rival Crysis?

Fudzilla writes:

"The team encompasses a variety of skills from a Crysis-centered background, ranging from the famous framerate-boosting Custom Crysis Configuration project to The Creation mod, an alternative multilayered storyline to the original game with major engine improvement tweaks."

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maspi3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

deferred rendering and shading is the future.
excellent batching
render each triangle exactly once
shade every visible pixel exactly once
allows to add new type of lighting shaders
allows to do an incredibile amount of postprocessing with small computing.
the only problem with deferred shading is alpha blending a nightmare for coders but virtuoses developers can resolve this problem with few tricks. Guerrila and sony pioneers of this tech.

free2game3653580d ago

Pioneers? Unreal Engine 3 has been using deferred rendering for nearly 4 years now.

M337ING3580d ago

Not to mention the STALKER X-Ray engine using it...

rob60213580d ago

Where are they going to get the funding for such an enormous project, or can they really do it with 47 guys? You'd have to think matching, or even besting what Crytek did would require an incredible amount of art assets and funding. I mean looking at the concept drawing, that's not the same texture over and over again for sure...

DeadlyFire3580d ago

DirectX 11 is also right around the corner. No doubt this is kept in mind with its development as well.