UGO: The Best Hands in First-Person Shooters

UGO writes: " When you blast through your favorite FPS, do you ever take a break from the calamity and let your eyes wander to the hands at the bottom of the screen, and you think, "Man, those hands are a representation of my hands. They do what I tell them to do: shoot the gun, stab the bad guy, and grab the life pack. I really owe those hands a solid. They've done so much for me. They're respectable dudes," then slurp on a Diet Cherry Cola?

And then do you realize those hands aren't real hands, and even if they were, it's not like you could take them out for a burger or beers, because hands can't eat?"

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PoSTedUP3529d ago

i like the R2 multiplayer chimera hand (the hand you see when your the Chimera in multiplayer on R2 : P)

swiftshot933529d ago

best single player FPS this gen imo

spandexxking3529d ago

i thought people were exaggerating when they said this site only does "list" articles!

SAiOSiN3529d ago

the killzone 2 hands look really good. especially when ur hold the knife or nade.

goflyakite3529d ago

Yea, the FC2 hands are pretty god like.
I love it when you need to reconstruct your hand.

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