UGO: God of War 3 Interview with Art Director Ken Feldman

UGO writes: "With God of War 2's Art Director taking the helm of Game Director for God of War 3, Ken Feldman has stepped into the role. We talk to him about how he thinks they can make God of War 3 a fresh, epic experience that'll make Kratos weep for joy.

UGO: Clearly people are pretty familiar with the setting of God of War. How do you strive to make God of War 3 a unique-looking experience?

Ken Feldman: First off, this is the first game that we've been able to make on a PlayStation 3 and the team is excited about that. Obviously we have a much more powerful machine and we get to learn a lot of new techniques. What we've always wanted to do on God of War 1 and 2, whether it was the first time you saw Hades or you were fighting the hydra on the ships, or even meeting up with Atlas in God of War 2, there were things we really wanted to do on that game, but were absolutely limited by that technology. We're not limited by the technology anymore, so what we're able to do is go back to those games and start redefining these moments we wanted to bring to fans. Not that we're going to have the hydra in this game or you're going to battle Atlas in this red environment, by any means. But we can take those types of experiences and bring that stuff into God of War 3 in a fantastic, epic manor."

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